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Aristech Introduces 12 New Design Options

Posted on 28 September 2016 by cradmin


Custom wine wall made in Ocean Breeze

Aristech Surfaces announced that it is introducing 12 all-new architectural and design materials under the Studio Collection™ by Avonite Surfaces brand. The new collection features designs with movement and texture, ultra-translucency, and terrazzo-inspired looks that bring a unique aesthetic for interior design.

According to the company these newly formulated polymer materials, which combine a striking design look with a formable, repairable and seamable surface, are ideal design alternatives to higher-cost surfaces such as concrete and glass, onyx, and other translucent PMMA and HDPE-filled resins. Applications include room dividers and partitions, store fixtures, column wraps, illumination, countertops, and accent pieces where lighting and aesthetics are key elements of design.

“The new Studio Collection represents a next generation of design materials, giving customers a competitive edge in design and functionality,” said Kristina Morgan, Global Marketing Manager for Aristech Surfaces. “Other materials such as concrete and crushed glass can be very expensive, have design limitations, and we’ve found installation can cost two to three times as much. With the increasing design trend of translucency and texture, our veined translucent colors are a true innovation in the surfacing industry.”

Designers are quickly specifying these products for use in commercial applications. “Longevity, ease of install, and custom design without a custom price tag,” said the designer who worked closely with R&R Millwork and Aristech Surfaces on the installation of the new Crushed Garnet color in a chain of restaurants. “People don’t realize how much time and cost can be saved by using these materials.”

The twelve new colors are categorized into three different collections. The Elements series includes the new translucent veined colors Tempest, Ocean Breeze, Jet Stream, and Rose Quartz; The Mosaics series includes Terrazzo and Crushed Garnet; and the Frosted Glass series includes Citron, Harbor Fog, Catalina, Pewter, Grenadine, and Pure Aqua. Custom colors are also available through the company’s Chromatix™ program.

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Embedded LED Light Pattern in Vanity / Countertop

Posted on 26 July 2016 by cradmin

This video put forward by Digital Ambiance shows a unique embedded LED light project, that is atypical of the standard backlighting for several reasons.

First the project was done using wood as the counter material, which isn’t often the subject of a backlighting project.However, the video did state that this type of thing could be done pretty much with any material.

Also, the backlighting wasn’t done in a uniform manner across the surface, as might be seen with onyx or other translucent materials, but rather shapes were routed into the top that were subsequently filled with a translucent opaque resin. Under the various shapes color-changing LED lights were placed.

Overall, while it is doubtful that many would choose this particular style for their home, the effect is just plain cool.

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Outwater Offers Nova Sheet LED Backlighting System

Posted on 10 May 2016 by cradmin

Outwater Nova Sheet LED BacklightingManufactured to your specifications in any size, shape or color with several single- or double-sided lighting options to choose from, Outwater’s Nova Sheet LED Backlighting System’s Panels are designed to fit directly behind or beneath any flat translucent surface to without additional installation. Produced from optical-grade PMMA acrylic light guide plates, the panels are laser etched with multiple grooves at precise locations using patented 3-D V-Cutting Technology to create a uniform matrix. This medium serves to maximize and disperse even, edge-lit “frameless” illumination from the sheet’s discreetly integrated LEDs in its recessed edges across the entire surface of the panel. The system reportedly uses 70 percent less power than comparable fluorescent lighting and employs patented heat sink technology that increases the LED lifespan to approximately 70,000 hours. Light output can be tailored from 2,000 to 10,000 lux by means of an available inline dimmer with an adjustable color temperature range from 3,000K (warm white) to 5,300K (pure/cool white). UL approved for all types of projects, the backlighting panels weigh 2 lbs. per sq. ft., and are offered in sizes from 2-in. by 2-in. by 5/16-in. in depth (50mm by 50mm by 8mm) up to 59-in. wide by 118-in. long by 5/16-in. in depth (1499mm ny 2997mm ny 8mm). They are available in RGB and a variable white Color Changing Temperature (CCT) formats, allowing any desired color or shade of white.

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Backlit Tile Kit Offers Glass Tile, Translucent Surface Backlighting System

Posted on 28 March 2016 by cradmin

Backlit tile kitBacklit Tile Kit provides a patented removable system to backlight glass tile or translucent surfaces. The kits can be used with virtually any tile and are designed for easy installation. They include multi-color LED lights that can form up to 16 million colors, and can be controlled via Bluetooth technology from a smartphone or tablet. Kits come in multiple sizes to fit different tiles. Available heights include 3, 4, 5, 6 and 12 in. Lengths are 5-, 10- or 15-ft., and can be easily cut to fit any installation, according to the company.

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Outwater Plastics Introduces Brite-Lite Backlighting System for Translucent Surfaces

Posted on 26 January 2016 by cradmin

Outwater Brite LiteOutwater Plastics’ introduced the self-adheringvBrite-Lite Sheet, a  backing sheet that affixes to translucent countertop surfaces. When used with the company’s L-Task-149 Aluminum Channel and LED Ribbon Strip Lighting it diffuses light for consistent backlighting without any installation space required in between the system and the piece to be backlit. It can also be cut to any size or shape; removed and re-positioned as needed; and is available in 4- by 100-ft. rolls or in 4-ft.-sq. sections.

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Vicostone Offers Translucent Onixaa Quartz Surfacing

Posted on 27 October 2014 by cradmin

Vicostone BQ8550-OnixaaVicostone announced the release of its new translucent “Onixaa” quartz surfacing, now available in both the company’s Dallas and newly opened Chicago warehouses. The describes the product as a combination of traditional Carrara with the translucency of Onyx. Onixaa possesses the essential characteristics that belong to quartz engineered stone such as high scratch-, heat- and chemical-resistance and color durability. Manufactured using the Breton technology, the material is non-porous for easy maintenance.

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TylerCo Offers SLABlite Backlighting Panels

Posted on 16 April 2014 by cradmin

tylerco slablite LED backlighting panelstylerco slablite LED backlighting panels installTylerCo Inc. offers SLABlite, a system for backlighting translucent materials in countertops and other applications. Suitable for backlighting onyx, translucent quartz surfacing, translucent solid surface and other translucent materials, SLABlite produces even and consistent edge to edge lighting across the whole surface. Creative lighting effects can be achieved with SLABlite’s 12- by 12- by 3/8-in.-thick LED panels. They are waterproof, generate almost no heat, last 20 years and can be easily be cut to almost any shape to accommodate curved edges and fixtures, reports the company.

SLABlite is the only backlight that can be custom cut on site. An installer can cut and shape SLABlite to fit around the sink, overhangs and edges as well. There is no need for templates and trips back to the shop to cut and shape the lighting. The light panels run on a 12-volt system and requires only 2 watts of power per sq. ft.

SLABlite eliminates uneven lighting, dark spots and hot spots, and because the panels are waterproof, this makes the SLABlite suitable for fountains, pools, spas, etc. The SLABlite has a 20-year/200,000-hour lifespan, making them a solid choice for backlighting countertops.

TylerCo is proud to report that its SLABlite installations have surpassed a million hours of use without having a single failure.

For more information, visit www.tylercoinc.com/slablite.html.

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