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Outwater Offers Auragami LED Backlighting Sheets

Posted on 26 February 2020 by cradmin

Outwater Industries, distributors of standard and innovative component products, offers a diverse range of products including Auragami Flexible LED Backlighting Sheets.

According to the company, the high LED density (330 LEDs per sq. ft.) combined with a decreased individual LED brightness eliminates hot spots and “dotting,” allowing for as little as 3/8-in. installation depth between the light sheet and the translucent material.

Auragami’s unique power distribution gird allows you to cut groups or even single LEDs, from the flexible sheet while maintaining a resilient circuit to the remaining diodes. Lines can be cut on multiple axis (horizontal, vertical and diagonal) to maximize customization.

Auragami can also be folded over countertop edges, other multi-plane elements or wrapped around columns and other curved surfaces.

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Federal Brace Debuts Lighted Floating Shelf

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Federal Brace Debuts Lighted Floating Shelf

Posted on 02 January 2020 by cradmin

Federal Brace debuted the newest addition to its Decorative Shelf System line – the Lighted Floating Shelf!

A beautiful combination of functionality and style utilizing the popular Federal Brace floating shelf format along with UL Listed Eco-Lucent LED technology creating ambient lighting for residential or commercial spaces.

The Federal Brace Lighted Floating Shelf includes a durable MDF shelf box finished in a white wood veneer complete with a sturdy floating shelf bracket and a special 18″ Eco Lucent LED light bar fully installed and wired for connection to transformer (available separately).

The Lighted Shelf enhances decor while also providing up to 100 pounds of carrying capacity. The Eco Lucent LED lighting technology used in the Lighted Floating Shelf provides energy efficient illumination and the long service life of LEDs.

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Evo-Lite Launches New Flexible LED Light Sheets

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Evo-Lite Launches New Flexible LED Light Sheets

Posted on 13 July 2018 by cradmin

Evo-Lite has launched Auragami Light Sheets. The sheets of LED lights have been specifically engineered to be a dimmable, field customizable solution for backlighting translucent materials. The high LED density (330 LEDs per sq. ft.) combined with a decreased individual LED brightness, eliminates hot spots and “dotting,” allowing for as little as 3/8 in. of clearance between the Light Sheet and the translucent material. Its unique power distribution grid allows you to cut groups, or even single LEDs from the flexible sheet while maintaining a resilient circuit to the remaining diodes. Cut lines along both axes and diagonally maximize on-site customization. Light Sheets can be folded over countertop edges and other multi-plane elements, and wrapped around columns and other curved surfaces. They are UL Listed and suitable for dry, damp and wet location use.

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Federal Brace Introduces Eco-Lucent LED Lighting System

Posted on 08 August 2017 by cradmin

Federal Brace Eco-Lucent LEDFederal Brace introduced a new eco-friendly light system to its line of LED-lit systems and brackets. A multi-part system, the new Eco-Lucent LED Lighting System uses a remote system to take on multiple colors and can even change colors through a variety of light-color cycles. It will be joining Federal Brace’s LED lighted brackets and will be a welcome addition to their energy efficient light systems. The completed system includes enclosed LED’s in an aluminum channel with a frosted cover, an IR remote for color changing lights and dimming capabilities, a 24 volt power system and additional cables for multi-system connections.

Recent advances in LED systems have seen a new level of versatility and efficiency, leading to their incorporation in many different areas of the home. From brackets to track lighting, from technologic accents to color-changing speakers, LED is creating a wave of energy and cost efficient lighting in kitchens, baths, offices, and living spaces.

A complete system with a bundle of five, the Eco-Lucent LED Lighting System provides many combinations of beautifully circulated light. The company states that this system is suitable for any decor; from the most elegant home to a tech-heavy office. The lighting system can be purchased separately and is available to customers in three sizes (5-, 9- and 21- in.) for a variety of uses and installation locations.

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Embedded LED Light Pattern in Vanity / Countertop

Posted on 26 July 2016 by cradmin

This video put forward by Digital Ambiance shows a unique embedded LED light project, that is atypical of the standard backlighting for several reasons.

First the project was done using wood as the counter material, which isn’t often the subject of a backlighting project.However, the video did state that this type of thing could be done pretty much with any material.

Also, the backlighting wasn’t done in a uniform manner across the surface, as might be seen with onyx or other translucent materials, but rather shapes were routed into the top that were subsequently filled with a translucent opaque resin. Under the various shapes color-changing LED lights were placed.

Overall, while it is doubtful that many would choose this particular style for their home, the effect is just plain cool.

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Outwater Offers Nova Sheet LED Backlighting System

Posted on 10 May 2016 by cradmin

Outwater Nova Sheet LED BacklightingManufactured to your specifications in any size, shape or color with several single- or double-sided lighting options to choose from, Outwater’s Nova Sheet LED Backlighting System’s Panels are designed to fit directly behind or beneath any flat translucent surface to without additional installation. Produced from optical-grade PMMA acrylic light guide plates, the panels are laser etched with multiple grooves at precise locations using patented 3-D V-Cutting Technology to create a uniform matrix. This medium serves to maximize and disperse even, edge-lit “frameless” illumination from the sheet’s discreetly integrated LEDs in its recessed edges across the entire surface of the panel. The system reportedly uses 70 percent less power than comparable fluorescent lighting and employs patented heat sink technology that increases the LED lifespan to approximately 70,000 hours. Light output can be tailored from 2,000 to 10,000 lux by means of an available inline dimmer with an adjustable color temperature range from 3,000K (warm white) to 5,300K (pure/cool white). UL approved for all types of projects, the backlighting panels weigh 2 lbs. per sq. ft., and are offered in sizes from 2-in. by 2-in. by 5/16-in. in depth (50mm by 50mm by 8mm) up to 59-in. wide by 118-in. long by 5/16-in. in depth (1499mm ny 2997mm ny 8mm). They are available in RGB and a variable white Color Changing Temperature (CCT) formats, allowing any desired color or shade of white.

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TylerCo Offers SLABlite Backlighting Panels

Posted on 16 April 2014 by cradmin

tylerco slablite LED backlighting panelstylerco slablite LED backlighting panels installTylerCo Inc. offers SLABlite, a system for backlighting translucent materials in countertops and other applications. Suitable for backlighting onyx, translucent quartz surfacing, translucent solid surface and other translucent materials, SLABlite produces even and consistent edge to edge lighting across the whole surface. Creative lighting effects can be achieved with SLABlite’s 12- by 12- by 3/8-in.-thick LED panels. They are waterproof, generate almost no heat, last 20 years and can be easily be cut to almost any shape to accommodate curved edges and fixtures, reports the company.

SLABlite is the only backlight that can be custom cut on site. An installer can cut and shape SLABlite to fit around the sink, overhangs and edges as well. There is no need for templates and trips back to the shop to cut and shape the lighting. The light panels run on a 12-volt system and requires only 2 watts of power per sq. ft.

SLABlite eliminates uneven lighting, dark spots and hot spots, and because the panels are waterproof, this makes the SLABlite suitable for fountains, pools, spas, etc. The SLABlite has a 20-year/200,000-hour lifespan, making them a solid choice for backlighting countertops.

TylerCo is proud to report that its SLABlite installations have surpassed a million hours of use without having a single failure.

For more information, visit www.tylercoinc.com/slablite.html.

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Unique LED Lit Countertops, Vanities and Sinks

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Unique LED Lit Countertops, Vanities and Sinks

Posted on 23 January 2014 by cradmin

Here is a video that depicts some unique LED lit countertops, produced by Crafted Countertops in Genoa City, Wis. The company, which fabricates quartz surfacing, granite, solid surface, laminate, recycled materials and others, seems to have a knack for using lighting to highlight countertops, or making “NightLight Tops” as it calls them.

While this video doesn’t show the fabrication process at all, it certainly offers a variety of examples of finished work, and some idea of how the task is accomplished can be gleaned from just seeing the video.

One thing that interested me was how the lights played off of the various sink choices. The white opaque sinks appear to catch the glow from the lighting and reflect it like a projection of color (the company seems to prefer to use color-changing lights in these applications. Alternatively, glass sinks seem to absorb the color and internalize it, making for a very futuristic look.

While this type of countertop is not for everyone, it certainly can be a stand0out for someone looking for something post-modern and adventurous.

Let us know what you think, or share your videos by emailing us at [email protected].


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