Evo-Lite Launches New Flexible LED Light Sheets

Evo-Lite has launched Auragami Light Sheets. The sheets of LED lights have been specifically engineered to be a dimmable, field customizable solution for backlighting translucent materials. The high LED density (330 LEDs per sq. ft.) combined with a decreased individual LED brightness, eliminates hot spots and “dotting,” allowing for as little as 3/8 in. of clearance between the Light Sheet and the translucent material. Its unique power distribution grid allows you to cut groups, or even single LEDs from the flexible sheet while maintaining a resilient circuit to the remaining diodes. Cut lines along both axes and diagonally maximize on-site customization. Light Sheets can be folded over countertop edges and other multi-plane elements, and wrapped around columns and other curved surfaces. They are UL Listed and suitable for dry, damp and wet location use.

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