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CaraGreen OHM Partnership

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CaraGreen & OHM Announce Joint Sales & Marketing Partnership

Posted on 22 January 2021 by cradmin

CaraGreen Healthy Materials and OHM International have announced their joint sales and marketing partnership. OHM will leverage its distribution infrastructure and brick and mortar locations and showrooms throughout the East Coast with CaraGreen’s strong virtual and online presence, as well as their showrooms and warehouses throughout the East Coast.

OHM’s extensive relationships in the Kitchen and Bath space coupled with CaraGreen’s focus on securing Architect and Designer specifications will create a unique opportunity for both partners to leverage their strengths for select brands within their portfolios.

Brands that OHM offers that will now be promoted by CaraGreen to the Architect and Designer Community include Geoluxe Pyrolithic Stone, Enigma Surfaces and Diresco Bio-UV Quartz. In turn, OHM will be promoting several of CaraGreen’s sustainable brand portfolios to the
residential market, including Durat Solid Surface, PaperStone, GEOS Recycled Glass Surfaces and elementAl surfaces.

“We are always looking for opportunities to increase awareness and reach of our healthy surfacing products,” said Jessica McNaughton, President of CaraGreen. “ OHM’s extensive reach within the Kitchen and Bath space provides us an immediate path to the consumer that we would not have with our heavy focus on architects and designers. The addition of the sustainable brands Diresco, Geoluxe and Enigma, each with a unique environmental story, will complement our current offering and provide even more options for our customers to choose from.”

This partnership represents the shifting market that is focused on sustainability, education and availability. As consumers look to find more unique, sustainable and affordable products, this combined portfolio offers a solution for nearly every customer. Similarly, as architects and designers shift their searches online, the accessibility and ease of finding these products through trusted partners becomes paramount.

Saket Hans, COO at OHM, indicates that “The commercial architect and design space has always been an opportunity for us to expand OHM brands’ reach. The opportunity to partner with CaraGreen has given us a direct path to do that by leveraging their experience and reach in that market segment. Coupled with our longstanding relationships throughout the East Coast, we think this partnership will allow our manufacturers to access both the residential and commercial markets quickly and effectively.”

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OHM International Introduces AUREA STONE New Innovative Surfacing Product

Posted on 22 December 2016 by cradmin

aurea stoneOHM International, historically an importer and wholesaler of quality natural stone products, has introduced AUREA STONE, a second-generation quartz surfacing.

Aurea Stone is being billed as Quartz 2.0 because of its realistic match to natural marble. The high-definition look of this quartz surfacing provide for its sharp, clean, tight lines of movement. It also has a translucent quality that allows for depth in soft subtle undertones of color that allow for its realistic marble look. It offers very bright whites and a grainless surface that result in solid light reflection and shine.

The material is nonporous, making it highly stain-resistant, easy to clean and exceedingly hygienic for food preparation. This durable surface is also etch-, scratch- and heat-resistant.

Slabs are jumbo sized at 3cm thick and 126 by 63 in. The material comes in seven marble-like colors/patterns: Paragon, Venatino Sfumato, Phidias, Calacatta Dinergy, Lincoln, Etched and Epitome. AUREA STONE comes with a 15-year warranty. For more information, visit www.ohmintl.com/aureastone/.

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