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LPI Honors Its Longest-tenured Employees

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LPI Honors Its Longest-tenured Employees

Posted on 16 September 2019 by cradmin

(from left to right): Matt Flake, Jim Hoffmann, Lisa Voice, John Nelson, Erik Louis, Dan Louis, Tom Esposito, JT Hoffmann, Mike Garcia, Brian Stoiber, Joellyn Novaski and Tammy Rehbock

As LPI continues to celebrate its 25th anniversary, the company is recognizing individuals who have been a part of the team for more than 10 years. These team members, along with multiple generations of families, have helped LPI become the success it is today.

  • Erik Louis (executive vice president, engineering and operations) – 19 years
  • Brian Stoiber (director, information technology) – 19 years
  • Jim Hoffmann (sales manager) – 19 years
  • Tammy Rehbock (director, human resources/office manager) – 18 years
  • Joellyn Novaski (purchasing manager) – 17 years
  • Matt Flake (production manager) – 15 years
  • Mike Garcia (production) – 14 years
  • Lisa Voice (inside sales support) – 12 years
  • John Nelson (technical support) – 12 years
  • JT Hoffmann (regional sales manager) – 11 years
  • Tom Esposito (production) – 10 years

“Just as important as wanting to develop products to make difficult jobs easier for people, I wanted to provide jobs for blue collar Americans and their families,” said Dan Louis, CEO and owner of LPI. “A good portion of my team has been with me for several years and I appreciate all their hard work towards making this company successful and a great place to work at every day.”

Since its inception in 1994 by Dan Louis, LPI has sold more than 6,000 laser measuring systems throughout the world, including the LT-55 and LT-2D3D Laser Templator, that have helped thousands of companies increase productivity.

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ETemplate Systems Introduces ELaser Xpress CL

Posted on 18 February 2016 by cradmin

2016-02-ETemplateETemplate Systems recently debuted ELaser Xpress CL, the newest addition to the ETemplate ELaser product line. The 3-D laser digital measuring system is custom designed for kitchen, bath and commercial cabinet layout industries. Featuring the company’s Measure Manager™ software, it allows detailed 3-D measuring of spaces to define the features needed for the design process. Once measurements are taken, the space is then rendered in the desired cabinet layout. XPress CL will output to a number of software programs, including Cabinet Vision™, 2020 Design™, KCD™ or ProKitchen™.


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ETemplate Systems Offers ELaser Templating System

Posted on 19 November 2013 by cradmin

PR ProCT Laser-FETemplate Systems offers ELaser™, the newest addition to its 3-D measuring technologies. ELaser measures both 3-D and 2-D and is suited for a wide range of as-built measuring from complex architectural woodwork to simple countertop templating. Its new fully featured Measure Manager™ software is the heart of the system and available in two configurations – Pro and CT.

The CT version is specifically designed for countertop templating. It auto-draws backsplashes, overhangs, corner radii and cabinet edge to user specifications. It scribes the wall (with auto offset if desired) and auto-calculates linear and square footages. It creates a dynamically editable drawing as measurements are taken and its CAD functions provide flexibility to modify the design after measurements are complete. The Pro version is designed for architectural woodwork measuring and 3-D modeling. It measures complete 3-D spaces and is also suitable for general contractors and architects for building inspection management (BIM).

The ELaser system features state-of-the-art technology in both hardware and software, is fast and easy to use, and has the ability to measure 3-D spaces in multiple planes, and easily measures complex curves, angles and cladding applications. The 3-D laser features real time video, precision crosshair targeting and single beam accuracy. The live video allows the user to photograph the jobsite for documentation purposes. Its built-in wi-fi connects the laser and the laptop controller, is self-leveling, notifies the user if the system has been bumped or moved and has a built-in relocation tool. It will layout level/plumb points, and project DXF points for difficult installs.

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Laser Products Launches New Saw Laser

Posted on 17 April 2013 by cradmin

The new GS-40 Saw Laser from Laser Products Industries provides a visible laser line for precise cuts. This product eliminates the guess-work by giving the exact location of cuts every time. Primarily designed for bridge saws and CNC equipment, the GS-40 can also be used for band saws and permanently mounted table or panel saws. The unit provides a green laser beam, is supplied with 110-240 VAC input and is vibration and water resistant – IP 65 rated (NEMA 4). It will project a fine green line at a 75 degree fan angle which will enable users to position the work piece, slabs or wood and know exactly where the blade is going to cut. The entire laser is hardcoat anodized to make it rugged enough for any application. It also includes a mounting bracket that allows it to be clamped on any pipe that has an outside diameter of 0.75- to – 1.75-in.

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