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Weha Develops 3-Step Diamond Polishing Pads

Posted on 12 April 2016 by cradmin


Designed to work for wet and dry granite, marble and engineered stone and quartz, the Weha 3-Step Hybrid Polishing Pads can reportedly save fabricators a good amount of time needed to complete a project by reducing the polishing process from the more  traditional 7-step process to only three steps. The polishing pads are made of diamond and high-quality resins designed to produce better quality finish and allow for more efficient polishing, according to the company. And, they are priced in the same range as traditional 7-step polish pad.

You may also be interested in this article about Lackmond acquiring Diamond Tooling Solutions.

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Z Keepers Launches GoClips Anchors

Posted on 08 July 2015 by cradmin

GoClipsZ Keepers LLC has launched a line of GoClips “5-Second Anchors” for quickly and easily undermounting sinks. GoClips are designed to make the undermounting process less hazardous while lowering the expense and improving reliability and professionalism. GoClips are slot-based anchoring clips for that require only tools you already have: a grinder and a 4- to 6-in. turbo blade.

To use this new method of sink undermounting, users cut a 1/2-in.-deep slot into the stone that is just wide enough to insert the clips’ down tab. It does not require butterfly cuts, drilling holes, cutting t-31 slots or waiting for epoxy to dry. By avoiding all of these time-consuming processes, users can saveGoClips significant amounts of time, and therefore money, when anchoring sinks.

The self-locking GoClips are designed to engage even before you tighten the screws. The attached spring clip is removable and strong enough to lock the clips in place even upside down. Users can insert a single clip into a slot and actually let go for true hands-free installation. The product accommodates any sink rims up to ¾-in.-thick. A low-clearance version of GoClips is also in production that can be used in tight spaces or near obstructions such as plumbing.

The hands-free "U-mount" undermount sink support

The hands-free “U-mount” undermount sink support

Other products include the industry’s only hands-free undermount sink support for professionals with 4 sizes built in called U-mounts.

GoClips are available now at distributors across the United States and Canada. For more information, visit www.goclips.us or call 1-844-4-GoClips.

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The R. J. Marshall Company Announces the Acquisition of Gruber Systems Consumables Business

Posted on 10 December 2014 by cradmin

Gruber_RJM-Full-LogoThe R.J. Marshall Company announced the acquisition of Gruber Systems “consumables” business. The new company is called Gruber Supplies & Accessories, Marshall-Gruber Company, LLC, A Subsidiary of The R J Marshall Company, doing business as Gruber Supplies & Accessories. The acquisition includes all manufacturing activities in Mansfield, Texas, and warehousing activities in Rockledge, Fla. “We are very excited about this acquisition as it demonstrates our commitment to the cast polymer, solid surface and composite industries,” said Richard Marshall, CEO. “This will expand our current product offerings and will provide a platform for future products.”

The R.J. Marshall Company: The R.J. Marshall Company was founded by Richard J. and Joan E. Marshall in May of 1978. The company has grown to five manufacturing locations in the United States and a stocking & distribution warehouse in Belgium. The R.J. Marshall Company produces a variety of filler and additive solutions for the thermoset and thermoplastic industries. For more information about The R.J. Marshall Company, visit www.Rjmarshall.com.

Gruber history: For almost 50 years, Gruber has focused on the manufacturing needs of the composite and cast polymer manufacturer. Gruber Supplies & Accessories offers Seamless® adhesive, Granatex® solid surface fillers, Duraflo® whirlpool supplies, Gruber Care as well as many other manufacturing supply items and raw materials.

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