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Caesarstone Introduces New Designs

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Caesarstone Introduces New Designs

Posted on 21 May 2018 by cradmin

Topus Concrete

Caesarstone has introduced the Metropolitan Collection, a unique collection leading the urban interior trend, along with new designs to the Classico Collection.

The Metropolitan Collection reflects the authentic textures of manufacturing, such as oxidized steel, poured plaster and raw concrete. These unpolished designs reveal variations in appearance and capture depth and movement throughout the surface. Caesarstone’s new cutting-edge technology achieves a weathered patina in quartz.

Excava, Airy Concrete, Topus Concrete, Cloudburst Concrete and Frozen Terra join Fresh Concrete, Raw Concrete, Rugged Concrete and Sleek Concrete to form the new Metropolitan Collection.

Excava: Deep auburns, chestnuts and coppers sweep across an unpolished canvas. The surface’s excavated look and feel were inspired by the intriguing manufacturing patinas of casting and oxidizing.

Topus Concrete: Rich shades of buttermilk overlay a cream-toned base creating a multi-layered effect. The subtle movement of the surface reveals depth and dimension as undertones reflect the pastels that are shaping interiors today.

Airy Concrete: A grey base enhanced by white and dark grey veins feature the interplay between water and air creating the appearance of waves billowing to the surface. Airy Concrete meets the ongoing demand for industrial design with a softened edge.

Cloudburst Concrete: Soft swells of pure white veil a creamy white base as rich tones and an innovative texture further define its beauty. Cloudburst’s sophisticated surface delivers a concrete-like feel.

Frozen Terra: A classic, neutral-colored white base is embellished by glimmers of black basalt and translucent grey quartz. Frozen Terra fuses the playfulness of terrazzo with the robustness of concrete.

In addition, Caesarstone added two colors to the varied assortment in the Classico Collection: Intense White and Flannel Grey.

Caesarstone surfaces are nonporous, durable, mold and mildew resistant, and scratch-, stain- and heat-resistant.

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Caesarstone Expands Available Colors to all Nebraska Furniture Mart Locations

Posted on 11 August 2017 by cradmin

Caesarstone, developer and manufacturer of premium quartz surfaces, now offers its full range of colors, including the newest additions to the Classico collection, at all Nebraska Furniture Mart locations across the US. unnamed

Caesarstone quartz surfaces will be available at the various Nebraska Furniture Mart locations in Omaha, Kansas City, Des Moines and The Colony in Texas. In addition to Caesarstone’s current Classico, Concetto and Motivo collections, the new colors for 2017 will also be available. This new group of colors include never-before-seen hues.

Caesarstone’s new colors include: Rugged Concrete, a sleek, modern industrial finish offering a medium grey based camouflaged by billows of white; White Attica, a trendy, modern combination of vivid black and white shades with a touch of delicate grey that makes for a powerful natural look design; Georgian Bluffs, the perfect shade of grey, in a classic and refined natural texture, beautified with gentle veining to make any design look sleek and modern; Montblanc, characterized by a harmonious light grey base infused with rich warm lines that vary in width, reflecting the unique qualities of natural stone; Moorland Fog, a rich, creamy light-colored base tinted with a touch of taupe; and Turbine Grey, inspired by the energy of the wind, swirls of white and dark grey veins tessellate atop a classic grey base.

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New Colors Available For Caesarstone Classico Collection

Posted on 26 April 2017 by cradmin

Caesarstone Moorland Fog

Moorland Fog

Caesarstone launched five new colors in spring 2017 as part of it’s growing Classico collection. According to the company, the new options are based on market feedback and demand, offer durability, and the ease of Caesarstone surface material. Slabs are non-porous, heat-, stain- and scratch-resistant. Caesarstone offers a lifetime warranty on all slabs.

The 2017 new colors include: Montblanc, a harmonious light grey; Moorland Fog, a rich creamy light-color tinted with a touch of taupe; Turbine Grey, swirls of white and dark grey veins on a classic grey base; Georgian Bluffs, a soft grey with delicate veining; and White Attica, characterized by deep, dramatic black veins with a vivid white background.

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Caesarstone Adds to its Supernatural Series of Quartz Surfacing

Posted on 01 December 2015 by cradmin

CS-StatuarioNuvo1-250wCaesarstone, a manufacturer of quartz surfaces, added a new design, Statuario Nuvo, to its Supernatural Series. This newest design was released throughout the United States in October 2015. Caesarstone’s Statuario Nuvo is inspired by Statuario marble. The design features dark veins on a white background, enriched with a delicately diffused subsurface vein structure. The company reports that its quartz surfaces are easy to clean and the non-porous nature of quartz surfaces require minimal maintenance – there’s no need to seal or wax the surface.

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