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Corian Celebrates Fifty Years With Three New Colors

Posted on 16 August 2017 by cradmin

White Onyx

White Onyx

Corian®, the solid and non-porous high-tech surface material from DuPont celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Corian, a synthetic and versatile material, has gained much recognition and acclaim internationally. Represented in both residential and commercial environments, Corian is utilized in kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, lighting, technology and healthcare.

To celebrate the occassion, Corian has introduced three new distinctive surfaces: Concrete, Onyx and Prima.

Concrete Corian has been made available in four colors: Carbon, Ash, Weathered and Neutral. Concrete was inspired by the modern, urban landscape. With its understated pattern of fine particles, Concrete aims to be both strong and noble in its appearance.

Onyx Corian has been made available in two colors: Gray and White. Onyx is inspired by the classic, semi-precious variety of ornamental stone. With its rich, veiny texture, Onyx has a certain visual modernity and fluid aspect.

Prima Corian has been made available in eight colors: Limestone, Dune, Smoke Drift, Cosmos, Evening, Cocoa, Nimbus and Windswept. Prima was created to celebrate ‘on-trend’ design. With hues inspired by nature, Prima embodies and captures a range of poetic moods.

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Help Customers Choose and Mix Patterns

Posted on 19 July 2017 by cradmin

WLC_3_Kitchen_I_land_Trend_20160831-3-15f30h5-768x441More and more, customers are relying on fabricators to help them make choices with colors and patterns for countertops, backsplashes, tile and cabinets, but it can be a difficult proposition when first making such recommendations. However, a few tips from Willow Lane Cabinetry in Hopewell Junction, N.Y., can simplify the task and make you look like a professional interior designer.

Mixing patterns has long been an intimidating process for those outside the world of interior design. Many fabricators are afraid of clashing with their customers’ personal tastes, and trends can change each season. The risk you take with matching patterns is usually well worth the reward, which will be fully understood once you see the satisfaction on your clients’ faces, and they recommend you to their friends.

Tip 1: Choose Three Patterns

One mistake amateur pattern matchers make is to choose an even number of patterns, but an odd number, preferably limited to three, creates a well-balanced appearance. It is also much easier to match three patterns successfully rather than five, seven or more.

Tip 2: Stay Consistent With Colors

Consistency is key when choosing the colors of patterns. If you have three or more patterns all of varying colors, the room will look too busy, distracting viewers from the true beauty of the countertop and its complementary components. Much like swatches of paint, try to stick to different shades of the same basic color or use neutral colors to bridge the gap, such yellow and blue bridged with gray.

Tip 3: Use Permanent Patterns

Always try to use permanent patterns, like those of the countertop, backsplash and floor rather than relying on décor and accessories. Permanent patterns offer a sense of intent, as if they are meant to be there for a purpose rather than thrown together willy-nilly.

Tips 4: Consider Scale

One of the secrets of mixing patterns to be aesthetically pleasing is to choose one large-scale pattern and two small-scale patterns. Always choose the largest scale first and work your way down. The primary pattern should be the true focal point while the smaller patterns complement it. A good rule of thumb is that the secondary patterns should be about half the size of the primary pattern, but they should also use different design elements, such as one striped and one floral.

Tip 5: Don’t Limit Your Focus

When mixing patterns, always try to take full of advantage of the space, using fixtures or accessories as focal points. For instance, a decorated kitchen window can liven the room, and even above-the-sink windowsill décor can provide inspiration for a choice of patterns.

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MSI Launches New Q Premium Natual Quartz Colors

Posted on 10 July 2017 by cradmin

unnamedMS International (MSI) announced that Q Premium Natural Quartz is now available in more exciting styles, colors, and finishes. Prompted by the continued popularity and growth of the Q collection, the new releases include several sophisticated white marble looks and the debut of two stylish concrete-finish options. In all, MSI’s Q line now features more than 60 highly durable, stain-resistant, low maintenance slabs.

The newest additions to the collection are: Blanca Arabescato, Blanca Statuarietto, Calacatta Laza, Carrara Caldia, Carrara Marmi, Midnight Majesty, Mystic Gray, Babylon Gray Concrete-Finish, and Midnight Majesty Concrete-Finish.

All colors are offered in 2cm and 3cm, with Calacatta Laza, Carrara Caldia, and Carrara Marmi also available in 108 by 42 by 2cm and 112 by 26 by 2cm prefabs.

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LG Hausys Launches the Velvet Colors

Posted on 26 June 2017 by cradmin

hi-macsr_velvet_colours_2017_rgb_300dpiLG Hausys launched the Velvet Colours, four new solid shades of HI-MACS. These colors take inspiration from the natural world, including rich organic pigments and tactile materials such as leather and raw clay. The new colors are: Evergreen, Cosmic Blue, Mink and Suede.

Evergreen presents as a classic tone inspired by our need to revert back to nature and to connect with our surroundings. This color rests between warm and cool within an environment bringing the outside in and creating an atmosphere of calm. This crafted and organic green can work alongside natural wood furniture and textiles within cosmopolitan spaces.

Cosmic Blue includes a dark undertone. Taking influence from textiles of the fashion industry and in particular denim, Cosmic Blue is an alternative to a monotone color scheme. Couple with deep wood or metal-framed furniture, or alongside copper or bronze accents for the ultimate finish to any space.

Mink is a warm and comforting subtle grey tone. This solid surface works with other neutrals bringing positive warmth to otherwise all white interiors. The chic finish of Mink offers a softness and has a wholesome appeal that is perfect for sophisticated spaces, especially where mixed with organic wood or ceramic.

Suede aims to channel minimalism and offers a new neutral that strips back a space revealing only what is essential. Inspired by raw ceramics and natural untreated finishes this color offers an alternative to stark white. Use alongside hints of gold in commercial spaces with high levels of activity.

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New Colors Available For Caesarstone Classico Collection

Posted on 26 April 2017 by cradmin

Caesarstone Moorland Fog

Moorland Fog

Caesarstone launched five new colors in spring 2017 as part of it’s growing Classico collection. According to the company, the new options are based on market feedback and demand, offer durability, and the ease of Caesarstone surface material. Slabs are non-porous, heat-, stain- and scratch-resistant. Caesarstone offers a lifetime warranty on all slabs.

The 2017 new colors include: Montblanc, a harmonious light grey; Moorland Fog, a rich creamy light-color tinted with a touch of taupe; Turbine Grey, swirls of white and dark grey veins on a classic grey base; Georgian Bluffs, a soft grey with delicate veining; and White Attica, characterized by deep, dramatic black veins with a vivid white background.

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Vadara Quartz Launches Four New Colors

Posted on 21 March 2017 by cradmin

rsy555Vadara Quartz Surfaces has expanded its collection of versatile surfaces with a collection that features four new colors — Bianco Perla, Calacatta Dorada, Petra Grigio and Blanco Venato. The New Collection 2017 features a range of colors and patterns suitable for a variety of projects.

Every new color within the collection is now available in Vadara’s four distribution centers, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Atlanta.

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Formica Celebrates 100 Years, Adds 12 New Colors

Posted on 07 February 2013 by cradmin

Formica Group, the inventor of laminate, marks 100 years of invention, innovation and design leadership in 2013 and enters a year-long global celebration of its past, present and future impact on residential and commercial design.

“For 100 years, Formica® brand products have touched every aspect of our lives, each and every day, by surfacing millions of spaces in which we gather, work, learn, heal, shop, eat and play,” said Mark Adamson, former CEO of Formica Group and current CEO of its parent company, Fletcher Building. “The world has grown up with Formica brand laminate. We look forward to topping millions more surfaces for generations to come.”

Formica Group partnered with world-renowned design consultancy Pentagram to create an 2013 anniversary campaign for its iconic brand, including:

  • “Formica Forever” 100-year logos and supporting brand elements to be used throughout 2013
  • A Formica Laminate Anniversary Collection, featuring 12 new graphic patterns based on the brand and its history; unveiled around the world in 2013
  • A celebratory book, Formica Forever, that chronicles 100 years of history, design, cultural impact and business expansion; available mid-year 2013

“All elements of our anniversary celebration pay homage to the making of an iconic brand,” shared Paul Zuckerman, president of Fletcher Building’s Laminates & Panels Division, which includes Formica Group.  “As the brand turns 100, we’re looking back on a century of invention, business endurance and achievement. It’s quite a story.”

The 12 new patterns are in four collections: Ellipse, Endless, Dotscreen and Halftone.

Ellipse and Endless play off the anniversary theme “Formica Forever” by utilizing innovative printing techniques that allow independent layers of pattern to randomly interact during the course of printing. The method creates seemingly infinite patterns that appear consistent due to the fluidity of the overlapping elements. Unlike most patterns that repeat every 50 inches, the pattern repeat of Ellipse and Endless only occur every 500 to 700 sheets, the equivalent to more than a mile in length.

Ellipse uses the “hidden oval” in the iconic Formica brand logo to create a series of layered strands that ripple across the surface.
• White Ellipse – a tonal non-color
• Gray Ellipse – a classic gray
• Red Ellipse – a strong red (The signature color of Formica Group features 1913, the year the company was founded, as its product code.)

Endless creates a digital grain from bars that alternately layer and punch through a colored base. The result is a continuous tone-on-tone, architectural pattern that provides visual interest at close range and, from a distance, provides a geometric texture.
• Endless Graytone – a versatile gray-on-gray
• Endless Smoke – an ebony that recalls carbon and mica
• Endless Indigo – a deep inky blue

Dotscreen and Halftone celebrate Formica  history of exuberant color and printing technology. Both Dotscreen and Halftone feature “solid patterns” of bright and saturated colors made more complex by undercurrents of detailed patterning. Fine dot motifs provide a second scale of interest within the optimistic hues.

Dotscreen features luminous colors with extremely fine micro-dots in continuous ribbons.
• Aqua Dotscreen – a distinctive sky blue
• Mint Dotscreen – a vegetal green
• Tangelo Dotscreen – a soft orange

Halftone features “near-bright” colors patterned with various sizes of toned dots, reminiscent of halftone printing screens.
• Blueberry Halftone – a medium-toned blue
• Citrus Halftone – a bright lemon yellow
• Tangelo Halftone – a soft orange

Each Anniversary Collection pattern contains a subtle, tone-on-tone Formica brand watermark embedded into the design on every sheet.


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Wilsonart Introduces Two New Designs To HD Laminate Collection

Posted on 12 November 2012 by cradmin

wilsonart new laminate countertop colors

WilsonArt is adding two new designs to its HD laminate collection inspired by Brazilian granite. Winter Carnival and Summer Carnival – these new additions – include large-scale elements, exquisite veining and striking colorations.

Winter Carnival includes dynamic colors in rich red-brown with accents in cool grey. Its counterpart, Summer Carnival is golden-toned and features large-scale areas of movement in golden ambers and browns with accents in greys. They are also made with the exclusive AEON™ Enhanced Performance Technology that increases countertop wear-resistance as well as scuff- and scratch-resistance. They are available in a 35-Mirage finish, which carries subtle variations in matte and gloss that connect to nature’s own finishes: rough and weathered, smooth and polished natural stone.

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