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LG Hausys Introduces New Viatera Colors & Virtual Showroom

Posted on 10 February 2021 by cradmin

LG Hausys and its Viatera quartz surface brand kicked off 2021 by introducing several new colors and a new virtual showroom during KBIS Virtual. Two new collections, the Viatera Urban Collection and Viatera Calacatta Collection, expand the brand’s total number of collection offerings from three to five. A new color has also been added to the existing Viatera Masterpiece collection.

The new Urban Collection debuts with two new colors: Metro and Gotham, both available in Brushed Finish. Metro consists of bright gray tones, ranging from light to medium that intermingle smoothly. Gotham combines stone-gray hues and whisper-thin neutrals in what the company describes as “a sleek and clean aesthetic that creates a sophisticated look.”

The new Calacatta Collection offers a bright, natural white background, intricate veining and large, elegant patterns. Calacatta Sol has a striking white appearance, fused with shades of gold in large-pattern veins and set upon a backdrop of warm twirling hues. Calacatta Plata features minimal, silver veining that dash in random fashion. The widely-spaced veins allow the color’s pristine white to show through, creating an unmistakably timeless look.

The Viatera Masterpiece Collection’s newest color addition is Adagio Gold. This tranquility-inspired color is designed with a soft yet brilliant base and features thin gold veins to create a sense of brightness. Nine colors are now featured within this venerable collection.

Each new Viatera color comes in a Jumbo II size slab of 63- by 130-in., which can accommodate larger layouts, including kitchen islands with fewer seams. They are available in 2cm and 3cm thickness and are backed by LG Hausys’ 15-year transferable warranty.

Additionally, kitchen and bath designers, builders and homeowners can view the new colors, and experience the entire Viatera brand offering, through LG Hausys’ new virtual showroom. With 360-degree views, it is accessible by computer, mobile phone or tablet device and provides an immersive experience.

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LG plant_0294_drone

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LG Hausys Expands Viatera Operations

Posted on 19 March 2020 by cradmin

LG Hausys is expanding its North American Viatera® brand operations with the addition of a new manufacturing line at its industrial campus in Northwest Georgia, along with a new warehouse and showroom in Southern California. The initiatives meet the growing demand for the company’s popular Viatera quartz surface product. They also continue LG Hausys’ commitment to providing industry leading product innovation and best-in-class customer service and delivery.

The new Viatera line is the third plant now in operation at LG Hausys’ existing manufacturing location in Adairsville, Ga. The new facility spans more than 111,000 sq. ft. and increases Viatera production capacity by 50 percent. Staffed with 40 new employees and fully in production since January 20th, the line produces Viatera products in Jumbo II slab size at 2cm and 3cm thickness. As part of LG Hausys’ multi-million dollar investment, the new line also allows for future product innovation. This includes the ability to add new robotic technologies for veining effects and utilizing advanced mechanical devices for new color and design creations.

Supporting the manufacturing expansion is the addition of a new 48,000 sq. ft. warehouse and showroom in Orange County, Calif. The warehouse will serve as the primary distribution hub for Viatera and LG Hausys’ solid surface product brand, HI-MACS. Its strategic location near Los Angeles enables LG Hausys to more effectively serve customers in Southern California and other West Coast markets. The warehouse is LG Hausys’ 14th in the U.S. and second in California. LG Hausys’ other California warehouse is located in Livermore and currently serves customers in the Bay Area and throughout Northern California.

The new showroom, located adjacent to the warehouse facility, will enable trade partners to view the latest innovative colors and designs from the Viatera and HI-MACS brands.

Available by appointment only, it will also serve as an event and meeting space for the design community, end-users and other LG Hausys customers.

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LG Presents Viatera Colors for 2020

Posted on 04 February 2020 by cradmin

LG Hausys has introduced 10 new colors, and a new brushed finish option for select colors, within its Viatera Masterpiece and Musica Collections. The new additions feature an array of soothing neutrals and calming hues.

Joining Viatera’s Masterpiece Collection are Lumina, Ribera, Sabbia, Arion and Carbo. Lumina and Arion bring a depth and cooling presence with gray and white veining. Ribera’s tranquil blue-gray design emulates the calming sea while Sabbia provides an updated take on the nostalgia and neutrality of beige. Alongside these polished finish designs, Carbo’s brushed finish black backdrop with light gray veining is high-design without being high-maintenance.

New additions to Viatera’s Musica Collection include Coda, Encore, Rondo, Forte and Etude. With the exception of Etude, all new offerings are available in a new brushed finish. The brushed finish is also available for existing collection colors Minuet, Clarino and Basso. Coda elevates modern industrial with warm mid-toned gray, while Encore balances warm charcoal and white for a stunning versatile pattern. Etude and Forte offer bright, clean designs with gray and gold veining for a classic and timeless look. Rondo’s creamy beige background with charcoal and white veining creates a refreshed and tranquil feel.

LG Hausys’ launch of a new brushed finish option aligns with the marketplace shift toward matte products with depth and dimension.

The colors come in a Jumbo II size slab of 63- x 130-in., which can accommodate larger layouts, including kitchen islands with fewer seams. Each format is available in 2cm and 3cm thickness.

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LG Hausys Introduces 2 New Viatera Quartz Surfacing Colors in the Musica Collection

Posted on 04 February 2015 by cradmin

Nocturne - one of two new colors of LG Viatera quartz surfacing recently added to the 'Musica Collection'

Nocturne – one of two new colors of LG Viatera quartz surfacing recently added to the ‘Musica Collection’

Viatera quartz surface manufactured in the United States by LG Hausys, added two new colors to its Musica collection: Nocturne (see photo) and Octave. The colors in the Musica Collection are said to be inspired by fine orchestral music and all of the colors in the engineered stone series, including the two new ones, contain a combination of large movement and marble-like patterns and shades. Nocturne is a darker color, while Octave combines different shades of grey hues with translucent particulate.

Viatera has a 15-year transferrable warranty and has NSF 51 and Greenguard certification, and are available in jumbo-sized slabs. And, as with all other quartz surfacing, it is nonporous and has a high resistance to stains, chemicals and heat.

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LG Hausys Posts 2 Job Openings

Posted on 19 July 2014 by cradmin

LG Hausys, maker of HI-MACS solid surface and Viatera quartz surfacing, is looking to fill two job openings. The positions are for Specification Manager in the Dallas, Texas, region and Territory Manager in Northern California. Candidates for both positions should be familiar with solid surface and quartz surfacing and would work with both of these countertop materials.

More information about the positions at LG can be found here, and interested candidates can submit cover letters and resumes by emailing them to [email protected].

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Breton Quartz Surfacing Manufacturing Process

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Breton Quartz Surfacing Manufacturing Process

Posted on 12 December 2012 by cradmin

Here is an insightful video shared by Marvel Stone in Australia showing the Breton method for manufacturing quartz surfacing (also known as engineered stone). The finished slabs are becoming more and more popular (and trendy) for countertop fabrication. Quartz surfacing is one of the most quickly growing countertop materials in the United States.

From what I know each new Breton quartz line is a little different from previous versions because of refinements, but they are all very similar and this is the most well-known process for manufacturing quartz surfacings. Most, if not all, of the major brands – Silestone, Cambria, Zodiaq, Caesarstone, Radianz, Viatera, Hanstone, etc. – use the patented Breton System.

Nowadays there are other methods (and knock-off methods) being used, but this is basically the standard.

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Fabsolution Launches New FS Glue for Quartz, Solid Surface

Posted on 11 September 2012 by cradmin

FS Glue for solid surface and quartz surfacing

Fabsolution has launched a new line of adhesive for solid surface and quartz surfacing – FS Glue. The adhesives are available through an affiliated manufacturing company, Marktec, which has more than 10 years of experience and currently provides adhesives for LG HI-MACS and Viatera in the United States.

Fabsolution has five warehouse locations in the continental United States to help assure fast delivery.

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