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$ave Money Using Overstock, Remnant and Discontinued Solid Surface

Posted on 27 March 2018 by cradmin

By Kathy O’Lochlayne at SolidSurface.com

One of many walls of solid surface remnants in the SolidSurface.com warehouse

How often do you find yourself rummaging through your solid surface remnant inventory for a color the right size for a job that may not require a full sheet? Have you considered using discontinued or overstock material for a job where you can influence the material to be specified? Below are a few resources on where to find some of this budget-friendly material and potentially save quite a bit of money for yourself and/or your customers.

To help illustrate an example of how one might save, let’s say you bought enough sheets of DuPont Corian® Tumbleweed for a new project. The specs changed midstream and you were just 30 in. short of material to finish the job. Your choices would be to purchase another full sheet, at roughly $700, or find a smaller sheet online for approximately $300 (including shipping)–that would be a savings of $400.

Save on Small and Large Projects

Other ways to save using overstock, remnant and discontinued material might include:

  • Those projects where you need just another few feet of material to finish the job; or
  • Smaller, limited-budget projects, i.e., when the customer wants a 4 ft. vanity top, your pricing can be more competitive by purchasing a partial sheet, rather than having to include the full sheet cost in your quote; or
  • Large jobs where a color category is specified, but not a specific color, and you can select from overstock, seconds or discontinued colors that are heavily discounted.

Solid Surface Resources

While  SolidSurface.com, offers the largest selection of remnant, overstock, discontinued, and material in one location, there are several other resources we’ve found for this type of material:  RemnantSwap.com by Moraware offers a fabricator-to-fabricator resource in a classifieds-style marketplace; some fabricators offer remnant inventory through their websites; many distributors and manufacturers often have lists of discontinued materials; and last, but not least, you might (or might not) be surprised at what you can find on Ebay.

SolidSurface.com’s centralized inventory contains a wide variety of quantities of full and partial sheet remnants (drops) acquired from sources such as fabricators, millwork houses, distributors, and manufacturers in the solid surface industry. Additionally, SolidSurface.com offers acrylic, made in the USA, seconds, called Select Grade, that match the colors of Corian®.

Time-Saving Benefits

Also consider the time-saving benefits of using an online resource:

  • Quickly and efficiently locate hard-to-find solid surface sheet material in full and partial sizes.
  • With a few mouse clicks, and the use of the product filter, a package or pallet with your selection can be on its way to you that same day.
  • If you’re in a time crunch, you can even out-source a custom vanity top through SolidSurface.com’s 10-business-day vanity program, ensuring quick turnaround times and built to your specifications.
  • For large, multi-sheet jobs where customers are less concerned about color than they are about price, you can purchase from a large selection of full sheets as low as $299/sheet, in bulk quantities, with free shipping for 3+ sheets.

Selection, Selection, Selection

With more than 20,000 thousand pieces, representing more than ½ million square feet, in an untold number of colors from 12 recognized brands, finding the right size and color quickly is accommodated by the multi-option filtering system, all of which can save you time and money.

Choose from DuPont™ Corian®, LG HI-MACS®, Aristech™ Avonite®, Samsung™ Staron®, Formica® Solid Surface, Livingstone®, Wilsonart® Solid Surface, Hanwha™ Hanex®, Mystera®, Basix® and Meganite®.  Among these brands, 8 offer their full line of current colors, in case you don’t already have a source for a particular brand.

Your Overstock Inventory

When it comes to warehousing inventory, naturally you may want to keep your valuable accumulation of partial and overstock material (even though it’s already paid for in the original project price).  But, if you don’t have the space, or the extra time and labor it takes to measure, catalog and organize your partial and overstock sheets, consider using SolidSurface.com as a resource pool.  Avoid landfill waste by reducing, reusing and recycling solid surface excess material.

For more information, visit SolidSurface.com

Learn more about how to find material on SolidSurface.com


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SolidSurface.com Celebrates 10 Years

Posted on 05 September 2017 by cradmin

solidsurface-accolades-300x259-300x259SolidSurface.com is celebrating its 10th year as an online source for purchasing decorative solid surface sheet materials, tools, accessories and custom Corian vanity tops. The company features popular solid surface brands such as DuPont Corian, LG HI-MACS, Aristech Avonite, Samsung Staron, Formica, Wilsonart, Hanwha Hanex and Meganite.

Using countertop remnants lying around in the garage, co-founders, Ed and Kyle Carpenter, a father and son team, began creating one-of-a-kind applications with solid surface. They also began fashioning pieces into cutting boards and selling them on eBay. After realizing they could work smarter, not harder, by selling remnant pieces, they launched SolidSurfaceSurplus.com. In early 2007, they formed the parent company SurfaceNet LLC and, in May of 2007, acquired the URL “SolidSurface.com.” They then started working directly with manufacturers and distributors to source overstock and premium grade material, continuing to build out their various product lines.

More than 60,000 shoppers per month visit their site, ranging from DIYers to residential and commercial remodelers and fabricators to woodworkers. They purchase from several categories of products, learn about creating with solid surface material and sometimes order a custom Corian vanity top that can be ready to ship in 10 business days or less.

Future plans for SurfaceNet LLC and SolidSurface.com include a new website launch planned within the next 12 months, expanding the vanity top program and custom fabrication services, adding quartz and other alternative surfacing options, and building even stronger supplier relationships, all of which are intended to further enhance the customer’s overall purchasing experience.

You may also be interested in this article Corian Celebrates Fifty Years With Three New Colors.

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Eurosoft Inc. Offers InStock Inventory Software

Posted on 23 July 2014 by cradmin

eurosoft instock remnant managment softwareEurosoft, Inc. offers InStock, an inventory and remnant management software that gives the user the ability to optimize, organize and track full-sized sheet goods and reusable scrap pieces in a materials database. The contents of the database can be pulled directly into optimization software such as ARDIS allowing optimizations to be run against the current material quantities and sizes on hand. This makes the software a suitable intermediary between storage and retrieval systems and engineering software or ERP systems. Remnants that are saved to the database can then be used later when an optimization is run and a correct-sized remnant exists. The operator is notified to retrieve the remnant from storage and confirms that the remnant has been used.

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