Video: Handy Trick to Make Cooktop Cut-Out Cleanup Easy

This video, which is put together by, features a handy trick to make clean up of countertop cooktop cut-outs easy. By using a bag sized properly for the cooktop cut-out (along with point-of-source dust collection) helps keep debris from spreading to the jobsite. Watching the video makes one think … Read more

Kitchen of the Future Displayed by Panasonic

This video put out by Panasonic is a look at their idea of the “kitchen of the future” with a focus on internet connectivity, integral sinks and cooktops, moving countertop sections, built-in lighting and other integrated¬†features. While the video isn’t the most recent look at smart kitchens, the focus on … Read more

Video: TPB Tech Porcelain-based Compact Surface Includes Built-in Induction Heating

Here’s a new take on countertops that we haven’t seen yet, which is rare indeed. In this video put out by TPBarcelona, the company’s TPB Tech product is featured. This porcelain-based material has all of the great properties associated with similar products, such as very high heat tolerance, great durability … Read more