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Blanco Vintera Silgrant Sink

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BLANCO Introduces New VINTERA Contemporary Apron Collection

Posted on 08 April 2021 by cradmin

BLANCO introduced the VINTERA farmhouse sink collection – a clean, contemporary version of the apron front sink style with versatile installation capabilities. Farmhouse sinks are typically fitted as undermounts, but the unique design of the VINTERA also allows for a seamless flushmount placement. This unique option visually showcases a beautiful rim of SILGRANIT® color around the top of the sink, and is flush with the countertop. In addition to the flushmount look, the VINTERA is designed to bring further benefits as it fits into a standard base cabinet measuring the same width as the sink. This eliminates the need for custom cabinetry common with farmhouse sinks, making kitchen renovations easier for homeowners, designers and contractors.

The new farmhouse sink family includes two models, the VINTERA 30-in. Super Single and the VINTERA 33-in. Equal Double. Although the VINTERA has a slim 6-1⁄2-in. apron, it features a generous 9-in. bowl depth, making the sink both spacious and sleek. VINTERA has all the material advantages of SILGRANIT®, BLANCO’s patented granite composite material that is stronger and more durable than other sink surfaces according to the company. Non-porous and food-safe, SILGRANIT’s Hygienic Plus surface formula acts as a protective shield against dirt and bacteria and reduces bacteria growth by up to 98 percent.

Available color options include Anthracite, Biscuit, Café, Cinder, Coal Black, Concrete Gray, Metallic Gray, Truffle and White. Additional accessories include a floating grid and custom-fitted cutting board that provides an extra level within the sink and cultivates a more ergonomic experience.

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BLANCO IKON Low Divide Apron Sink Wins Design Awards

Posted on 24 December 2020 by cradmin

BLANCO has won two major design awards for their revolutionary new product, the IKON 33-in. 1-¾ Bowl Low Divide Apron sink. The IKON is recognized in the 2020 Architectural Products PIA (Product Innovations) Awards and the 2020 Residential Products MVP (Most Valuable Product) Awards. Each award recognizes the farmhouse sink for its ergonomic design that works hard to make prepping, cooking and cleaning a more seamless and comfortable experience.

Additionally, the IKON 33-in. Low Divide earned an honorable mention from The Architect’s Newspaper 2020 Best of Products Awards.

Designed to make prepping, cooking and cleaning a more seamless and comfortable experience, IKON is the world’s first apron front sink made of SILGRANIT®, BLANCO’s patented granite composite material. The new IKON sink’s convenient low divide that sits just 5-1/2-in. from the bottom of the sink, makes it easier to handle large pots and baking sheets while still dividing the sink into cleaning and prepping bowls. Because apron front sinks are installed a couple of inches closer to the user, they minimize the strain of reaching and leaning over a countertop.

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Blanco Ikon Apron

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BLANCO Presents New IKON Farmhouse Sink

Posted on 18 February 2020 by cradmin

BLANCO, the German manufacturer of finely crafted sinks, is elevating kitchen ergonomics with its new IKON® 33-in. Apron 1-3/4 Bowl with Low Divide sink. Designed to make prepping, cooking and cleaning a more seamless and comfortable experience for all users, this apron front sink is crafted with the brand’s exclusive SILGRANIT® granite composite patented material available in nine trending colors.

The new IKON sink’s convenient low divide that sits just 5-1/2-in. from the sink bottom, makes it easier to handle large pots and baking sheets while still dividing the sink into cleaning and prepping bowls. Because apron front designs are installed further forward and eliminate the countertop, they minimize the need to lean over as much and help to reduce strain.

Available color options include Anthracite, Biscotti, Biscuit, Café Brown, Cinder, Metallic Gray, Truffle, White and Concrete Gray. Additional accessories available include: Small Grid, Large Grid, Floating Grid, Floating Cutting Board, 3-in-1 Basket Strainer, 3-in-1 Disposal Flange.

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Fabricator Spotlight: Metro Stone Works - Trends and Fabrication for the Laundry Room

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Fabricator Spotlight: Metro Stone Works – Trends and Fabrication for the Laundry Room

Posted on 20 June 2019 by cradmin


Metro Stone Works Family “Power” Team From Left to Right: Jeremy Powers, Nicholas Powers, Karen Powers, Nick Powers, Colby Powers

We asked Nicholas Powers, partner for Metro Stone Works, a family-owned and operated fabricator in Northern Virginia, what they are seeing in laundry rooms today and how fabrication is trending in this design space.

Are laundry rooms trending for you?  

We have noticed that laundry room countertops are trending and this seems to be the case in both the remodel and the new home construction segment as well.  Some builders are including the laundry room top as a standard granite top now.

What counter surfaces are most popular in laundry room? (Quartz, Granite, Porcelain, etc.)

For us, granite countertops have been the majority for laundry room tops, but engineered quartz has steadily increased over the last few years and is getting closer to 50/50 in terms of sales in comparison to granite for laundry room tops.

What finishes/colors are trending for you?  (White, Dark, Gloss, Matte, Pattern?)

Whites and greys, of course, are dominating in sales in terms of countertops currently. The majority of our sales are still “gloss finish” but both honed and even leathered finish sales have seen an increase within the past two years. The current trend for pattern is still the marble White Carrera or Statuary look. This has been the case and continues to be the strong demand as far as the pattern goes.

What do you recommend to designers/consumers for laundry and why? 

In a laundry room where detergents and bleach would be around, it’s hard to say one material is “better” than the other in that scenario. While engineered quartz is more “stain resistant” than most natural stones, both products can still be penetrated and etching and/or staining is still possible. With that said, both products are very durable and make for a beautiful and sustainable countertop for a laundry application.

Another material to think about in a laundry application would be Soapstone. Although Soapstone is a soft material that will scratch, it gives it a patina or in other words a lived-in finish. Soapstone is a good material and it is non-porous so it will not stain.

BLANCO’s LIVEN™ sink in SILGRANIT® offers a deep bowl and accessories ledge.

What makes for a good laundry sink?

Most sinks we sell in laundry countertops are either stainless steel, cast iron, or a stone composite sinks (such as BLANCO’s SILGRANIT® ) The majority of the sinks we sell in a laundry room top are undermount sinks. In discussions we have had, most customers look for a deep single bowl sink that they can rinse/clean items in. It’s also a nice option to have a small “ledge” within the sink for placing sponges, brushes, etc.

BLANCO’s LIVEN™ Laundry Sink in a recent project for Metro Stone Works

What edge is best for laundry work? (Surface edge)

We consider the decorative edge details to be more of a personal preference as opposed to being “suitable” for a certain type of room. All edges we offer are suitable for a laundry room top.


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On the Surface, Colors Matter: 2019 Color Trends in the Kitchen

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On the Surface, Colors Matter: 2019 Color Trends in the Kitchen

Posted on 26 March 2019 by cradmin

As kitchens cement their role as the home’s central gathering place, color is taking on an even more important role in design. Whether we are aware of it or not, color affects us on a deep subconscious level. Transcending beyond the name or number of a specific hue, color can tell a story beyond the visual senses. Homeowners and designers use color to personalize, create a focal point or to set the mood for their space. BLANCO recently surveyed top architects and designers to uncover current and future trends in kitchen color.

Gray elements in the kitchen have become more frequent and popular over the years. BLANCO demonstrates their latest color launch, Concrete Gray.













When it comes to choosing a color for your kitchen, neutrals tend to win the game. According to about 67 percent of those surveyed, gray and white kitchens are the dominating design projects this year. Not only do they see the gray and white trend in paint choice and cabinetry, but these smart neutrals populate the sink area, as well.

Of those surveyed, 64 percent found that the most popular sink specified in 2018 was stainless. However, 54 percent of those anticipate the sink trend is moving towards neutrals that are in the white and gray category. Homeowners are looking for a timeless and transitional kitchen design that also makes a personal statement.

The gray trend is very timely considering BLANCO’s brand new SILGRANIT® sink color, Concrete Gray. Clean, organic and extremely balanced, Concrete Gray is at home in both urban and natural settings. Its revolutionary warm red and cool blue undertones make it BLANCO’s most versatile color yet. Right on trend, Concrete Gray is the perfect fit with a wide array of countertop and cabinet designs.

BLANCO’s Concrete Gray color as shown in their IKON 27” farmhouse sink.













For trade professionals or consumers who want more assistance in specifying color for their sinks, BLANCO offers an app that helps match sink finishes to countertops:  The BLANCO SILGRANIT Mobile Color App

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Posted on 25 January 2019 by cradmin

BLANCO introduced their newly updated free kitchen design app, BLANCO SILGRANIT®. Made for homeowners, designers and fabricators, the app helps users evaluate the appearance of BLANCO sinks paired with popular countertops to select the perfect color combination for their kitchen design. Favorite combinations may be saved and e-mailed to others. Users may also photograph and add their own countertop selections to the app.

Compatible with iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android (phones and tablets), the BLANCO SILGRANIT app also has a Store Locator feature, so users may find their nearest BLANCO dealer.

BLANCO SILGRANIT Color App Highlights:

  • Easy and intuitive iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Android App lets user mix and match BLANCO sinks with countertops to find the perfect pairing
  • 157 different BLANCO sinks in SILGRANIT, stainless steel and fireclay
  • 60 colorful countertop choices
  • Ability to search by sink or counter to start
  • Ability to photograph a counter and add it to the app
  • Users can store designs in a Favorites folder to share or save for later
  • The Store Locator function allows users to find where to purchase a BLANCO sink by simply entering their home zip code and connecting with a retail outlet where BLANCO products are available
  • Gallery displays kitchen design ideas and inspiration

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Blanco Introduces Silgranit Mobile Color App

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Blanco Introduces Silgranit Mobile Color App

Posted on 13 November 2018 by cradmin

Blanco has introduced a new color match mobile app. With the Silgranit mobile color app users can coordinate BLANCO’s SILGRANIT® sinks with various countertop stones (as well as select stainless steel and fireclay sinks).

Features of the app include:

  • View Blanco sinks with many common countertops to help choose the perfect color combination
  • Upload your favorite countertop, and save a library of your own countertop choices and favorite sink/countertop combinations
  • Remove the pre-loaded countertops and build your own custom library of counters
  • Use the image gallery for inspiration and design ideas
  • Find a Blanco dealer near you

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BLANCO Expands the PRECIS Collection with New Size Options

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BLANCO Expands the PRECIS Collection with New Size Options

Posted on 15 August 2018 by cradmin

PRECIS 1-3/4 Bowl with Low Divide

BLANCO, the German manufacturer of finely crafted sinks and faucets, added the PRECIS 30-in. Single Bowl and PRECIS 1-3/4 Bowl with Low Divide to its SILGRANIT® sink collection.

As an expansion to one of BLANCO’s most popular lines, the new 30-in. PRECIS Single Bowl sink allows for the same SILGRANIT technology and array of color options in a unique size for 33-in. cabinets. The PRECIS 1-3/4 Bowl with Low Divide adds functionality by keeping prep and cleaning areas separate, with the ability to accommodate large pots, pans and baking sheets.

“The BLANCO PRECIS collection is inspired by professional kitchens in both form and functionality,” states, Tim Maicher, Director of Marketing for BLANCO. “The collection is our most popular to date, and we are excited to be able to continue offering additional sizes and design options to our customers.”

The BLANCO PRECIS introductions are offered in all eight on-trend SILGRAINT colors including Anthracite, Biscotti, Biscuit, Café Brown, Cinder, Metallic Gray, Truffle and White. With a crisp, angular design and durable surface that resists heat, scratches, stains and chips, it’s no wonder this sink collection is among BLANCO’s most popular.

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Tips From Granite Grannies: Fabricating for an Apron Front Sink

Posted on 07 July 2016 by CRadmin2

BLANCO interviewed Lori Hethmon, Founder, Owner and Lead Designer for Granite Grannies on her best tips for fabricating for an apron front sink.

IKON Apron Front Sink

BLANCO makes apron front sinks in fireclay, stainless steel and now, for the first time in granite composite with their groundbreaking IKON™ apron front sink.

Q1: What are the different installation methods for apron front sinks?

There are basically two types of apron front sink. Some apron fronts offer a frontal piece that wraps around cabinetry – basically a rectangular sink with a false front that makes it look like an apron front. Actual apron-front sinks require precise measuring to fit within cabinetry. These features affect the way the counter top is cut.

An apron sink must be on site, and sitting in the exact location preferred by homeowner before we can template the project. The farm sink can typically sit farther out from the cabinet or sit farther to the back wall. Additionally, the shape of the sinks will vary considerably and must be templated on site.

Q2: Do you review the desired reveal with the customer? Or do you prefer a reveal and just go with that.

Reveal or no reveal that is the question. Sink companies like the reveal, fabricators do not.  If the sink is showing under the countertop it should be a perfect 1/8″ or a perfect 1/4″ all around. This is a challenge considering the walls and cabinets are not perfectly square in a real house new or old. It also means the silicone used to seal the sink in place is visible. Most fabricators will advocate for the countertop material to overhang the sink. It is a clean crisp look and any slight variation in the overhang is not apparent. Additionally, a sink reveal leaves a ledge for soap and grease to collect. If you have ever seen a sink with a reveal in the normal home after a few months it looks messy. It is one more area to keep clean and shiny. A homeowner would want to raise the issue of a reveal and express their desire for this type of installation.

Q3.  With apron front sinks coming in different materials, what is your opinion from a fabricator perspective?

The SILGRANIT apron front sinks have added a wonderful option to the marketplace. Many people love the homey feel of the farm sink, but do not love the modern feel of the stainless nor the concerns about a porcelain sink. The color options are also a big deal. A white porcelain farm sink makes a big statement whereas a SILGRANIT can integrate better with the environment. The Truffle color, which will be launched soon is a soft tie-in to stainless appliances. Café Brown looks fantastic with a wood cabinet and wood floors. Anthracite is warm with a contemporary feel.  It’s often hard to choose the SILGRANIT color.

Q4. What counter surfaces do you recommend work best with Apron Fronts in general?

For the most part natural stone or any quartz type man made slabs are going to function the same as far as installation. A sintered or ultra compact surface or porcelains tops can be used – but it’s best to work closely with the manufacturer on fabricating thin surface materials.

Most good fabricators are more than familiar with the particulars of a farm sink installation by now. The trend has been growing steadily for five or six years now. It doesn’t show any signs of waning and I believe the farm sink will have a lasting shelf life decor wise.

Q5: Do you think the faucet has to be traditional in style? Or the kitchen? 

As with any type of sink the faucet should be functional per the homeowner’s preferences. The decor styles are considerably more eclectic today and a contemporary faucet model can look wonderful with an old style farm sink. What’s old is new. The farm sink itself is an historic look but considered contemporary in today’s decor. One note is that the bridge faucet with two holes means that the counter top seam is showing more. If the faucet is a single hole mount the fabricator can often drill the faucet hole through the seam leaving only an inch or so visible.

About Granite Grannies


Granite Grannies is a boutique fabricator of unique and exotic natural stones. They are a woman-owned, family-run shop focused on one beautiful space at a time – located in the greater Washington, D.C. area. http://granitegrannies.com/



For three generations, BLANCO has quietly and passionately elevated the standards for luxury sinks, faucets and decorative accessories. Proud of its European heritage and award-winning German engineering, BLANCO is steadfastly committed to their tradition of high quality, innovative design and unsurpassed service since 1925. Dedicated to quality without compromise, every sink is closely inspected many times before it receives the BLANCO name.  www.blancoamerica.com

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BLANCO Offers Silgranit ‘Diamond’ Sink with Low Divide

Posted on 23 June 2014 by cradmin

blanco diamond low divide sinkOne of the newest additions to the BLANCO Silgranit sinks collection is the Diamond 1-3/4 Bowl with Low Divide. This sink offers the look of a large single bowl, with the functionality of a double bowl sink. Available in eight colors the sinks are crafted of 80 percent natural granite, with the look and feel of natural stone. The sinks are scratch-, stain-, chip- and heat-resistant, and the color extends all the way through the material. According to the company they will not fade in direct sunlight and are impervious to household acids and alkalis. The sinks are also nonporous.

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