On the Surface, Colors Matter: 2019 Color Trends in the Kitchen

As kitchens cement their role as the home’s central gathering place, color is taking on an even more important role in design. Whether we are aware of it or not, color affects us on a deep subconscious level. Transcending beyond the name or number of a specific hue, color can tell a story beyond the visual senses. Homeowners and designers use color to personalize, create a focal point or to set the mood for their space. BLANCO recently surveyed top architects and designers to uncover current and future trends in kitchen color.

Gray elements in the kitchen have become more frequent and popular over the years. BLANCO demonstrates their latest color launch, Concrete Gray.













When it comes to choosing a color for your kitchen, neutrals tend to win the game. According to about 67 percent of those surveyed, gray and white kitchens are the dominating design projects this year. Not only do they see the gray and white trend in paint choice and cabinetry, but these smart neutrals populate the sink area, as well.

Of those surveyed, 64 percent found that the most popular sink specified in 2018 was stainless. However, 54 percent of those anticipate the sink trend is moving towards neutrals that are in the white and gray category. Homeowners are looking for a timeless and transitional kitchen design that also makes a personal statement.

The gray trend is very timely considering BLANCO’s brand new SILGRANIT® sink color, Concrete Gray. Clean, organic and extremely balanced, Concrete Gray is at home in both urban and natural settings. Its revolutionary warm red and cool blue undertones make it BLANCO’s most versatile color yet. Right on trend, Concrete Gray is the perfect fit with a wide array of countertop and cabinet designs.

BLANCO’s Concrete Gray color as shown in their IKON 27” farmhouse sink.













For trade professionals or consumers who want more assistance in specifying color for their sinks, BLANCO offers an app that helps match sink finishes to countertops:  The BLANCO SILGRANIT Mobile Color App