Understanding Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) for Countertops

This video is really a sort of online seminar presented by the Concrete Countertop Institute(CCI), designed t0 teach how polymer really works, what fibers actually do and the meaning and importance of flexural strength in glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) countertops. The video is basically a PowerPoint Presentation, narrated by … Read more

Post Tensioned GFRC For Longer Concrete Countertop Spans

Once again, Mark Celebuski of Trinic, has developed another useful video covering how to avoid sagging with long spans of glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) countertops. The video demonstrates the possibilities of post tensioning using the company’s GFRC Admix, but the theory behind it could certainly work with other admixes … Read more

Fundamentals of GFRC

This video, produced by ModaCrete and Mike Cook (a well known member of the concrete countertop industry), covers the “Fundamentals of GFRC” and was put together so that individuals can get an idea of the complexities of producing high performance concrete countertops with GFRC technologies. It is not all encompassing … Read more

Concrete Countertop Solutions Offers Z Liqui-Crete System

Concrete Countertop Solutions offers the new Z Liqui-Crete System that combines a fiber-fortified concrete mixture with a 1- by 1-in. fiberglass mesh grid. The system uses an easily attached Z-clip to hold the mesh at the proper height during the pour. The clips, which arescrewed down to the cement board … Read more

Concrete Countertop Training

A series of videos produced and released by Trinic LLC sheds light on some of the mystery surrounding the fabrication of concrete and GFRC countertops. Trinic is a respected concrete specialty company in Windsor, N.Y., co-owned by Bob Chatterton and Mark Celebuski. Celebuski holds free concrete training sessions for Trinic’s … Read more

Tips for Spraying GFRC Face Coat on Concrete Countertops

Here is a video we came across with some good tips for spraying a glass-fiber reinforced concrete face coat on concrete countertops. Unfortunately the author, “nvconcretedesignnsd,” doesn’t give us much information about himself, but he does offer some good insight into the process. Those working with GFRC in countertop applications … Read more

Fishstone Introduces New Line of Concrete Countertop Mixers

Fishstone, a supplier of equipment for the concrete countertop industry, is now offering a new line of mixers by Imer. This line includes three models: the Mini-Mix 60 Vertical Shaft Mixer; the Mortarman 120 Vertical Shaft Mixer; and the Mortarman 360 Vertical Shaft Mixer. The Mini-Mix is a 14-gallon vertical … Read more

SureCrete Design Offers 10 Terrazzo Concrete Designs

SureCrete Design is now offering a full line of 10 terrazzo concrete designs that utilize the company’s Xtreme Series Terrazzo Mix. This high early-strength cement casting product allows for a 150 percent load of recycled aggregates.  Each terrazzo color uses both post-consumer and post-industrial materials, allowing it to offer multiple … Read more

How to Acid Stain a Concrete Sink

This video, produced by Expressions Ltd., shows the process of acid staining a concrete sink from beginning to end. The process produces a ‘mottled’ effect that is actually pretty cool looking. For concrete countertop fabricators this instructional video is worth a watch.

Great Informational Outlet for Concrete Countertops

We ran across a great resource for those thinking of installing concrete countertops, or just want to know more about the options, at ConcreteNetwork.com . They have a series of highly informative articles about concrete countertops. This informational website has something for everyone interested in concrete counters, whether you are a fabricator, designer … Read more