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Tile of Spain Announces 2020 Award Winners

Posted on 04 December 2020 by cradmin3

Tile of Spain, the association representing more than 125 Spanish tile manufacturers, announced the winners of the 19th annual Tile of Spain Awards of Architecture and Interior Design. The panel of judges met on Thursday, November 26th to evaluate the submissions and name a winner in each category.

Here are the winning projects:


“Casa Ter” by Mesura Studio (pictured above)
The jury was moved by the connection the single-family home has with thesurrounding environment. The structure of the residence was built entirely of concrete and large elongated ceramic pieces, both of which were manufactured with natural clay from nearby La Bisbal, Spain. The interior of the home opens up to nature, establishing a unique indoor-outdoor living concept.

Special Mentions
“Runnymede College Campus” by Rojo/Fernández-Shaw and
“The Young Old House” by Enrique Espinosa & Lys Villalba

Interior Design:

“Atlantis Gastrobar” by Arantxa Manrique
The jury strongly valued the design of this small lounge that allowed ceramic tiles to shine as the true protagonist in this project. Ceramic subway tiles were placed in a vertical arrangement to add height and volume to this small space, while the electric blue bar demands attention by passersby.

Special Mentions
“Tienda Camper La Roca” by Tomás Alonso and
“6 Viviendas en Cabrera de Mar” by TWOBO Arquitectura

Final Degree Project:

“Propuesta Para un Centro de MENAS” by Andrea Puebla Yubero of CEU San Pablo Madrid
The judges admired the proposal for a typology of “impluvium building” beyond the traditional method of constructing a Mediterranean style patio to carry off excess rain water.

Special Mentions
“Patios de Agua y Olivos” by Alba Jiménex of ETSA Granada and
“Salam Bir” by Eduardo Casado López of ETSA Madrid.

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Cabecera CDC 11 - participa

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Cosentino Extends Design Challenge Submission Deadline

Posted on 13 May 2020 by cradmin3

The Cosentino Group is extending the deadline for the submission of projects for the 14th edition of the international Cosentino Design Challenge (CDC).

Cosentino has spent years backing the talent of future architecture and design professionals and the present global crisis will not halt this initiative. A change is, however, being made to the deadlines previously set in order to adapt to the academic situation in which universities and schools, as well as students, currently find themselves. The new submission date for applications for this contest will be July 31. The final decision of the jury will be reached and winners announced on September 28 and will take place entirely online.

The CDC is an initiative which entails a true research-based and creative challenge for students of architecture and design the world over. It is a unique opportunity to connect students with the international business that is Cosentino, as well as its innovative materials and products.

Cosentino Design Challenge 14 Themes

In the Architecture category, Cosentino proposes project development based on the theme “Cosentino and inhabiting the urban space (street room)”. In the Design category, students must work on the subject “Cosentino and local tradition: contemporary craftsmanship”.

For these two intriguing proposals for which the company provides students with unfettered freedom to research and create, the only requirement is that they must include one of the innovative Cosentino products: the Silestone® quartz surface, the ultra-compact Dekton® surface or Sensa by Cosentino®, the natural stone range with exclusive anti-stain protection.

The deadline for submission will be July 31, 2020. Submissions will be made digitally, as usual, through the contest’s official website. All the submission requirements, as well as the criteria to be taken into account by the jury, will be available in the legal conditions found at https://cosentinodesignchallenge.org

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Tile of Spain Awards Calls for Entries

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Tile of Spain Awards Calls for Entries

Posted on 06 August 2019 by cradmin

The Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association (ASCER) announced the call for entries for the annual Tile of Spain Awards of Architecture and Interior Design.

Sponsored by Endesa, Weber-Saint Gobain, the Port Authority of Valencia, and CESCE, the Tile of Spain Awards are intended to promote the use of Spanish ceramic tiles in architecture and interior design projects worldwide.

For the 18th edition of the awards, the panel of judges is made up of internationally acclaimed professionals working in the sector. Founder of the prestigious studio MVRDV and Architect, Jacob van Rijs, will chair the panel of judges, joined by architects and designers Inês Lobo, David Lorente, Eugeni Bach, Tomoko Sakamoto and Ramon Monfort.

The Tile of Spain Awards have a prize fund of €39,000 ($45,511) shared between three categories. The two main categories, Architecture and Interior Design, each have cash prizes of €17,000 ($19,838). The Final Degree Project award has a cash prize of €5,000 ($5,834). The panel of judges is also entitled to give two special mentions in each category.

Entries are being accepted now through October 24, 2019. Visit www.tileofspainawards.com to enter the contest or learn more about the Tile of Spain Awards.

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13th Cosentino Design Challenge Calls for Entries

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13th Cosentino Design Challenge Calls for Entries

Posted on 29 October 2018 by cradmin

Cosentino has officially launched the 13th edition of the Cosentino Design Challenge (CDC). The competition is open to students enrolled in the 2018-2019 academic year at any educational center or polytechnic offering courses in design, architecture, interior architecture or other similar fields of study. The international competition offers students a chance to participate in a global professional competition.

Composed of two categories, the 13th edition of Cosentino Design Challenge ’s architecture brief asks students to reflect on “Cosentino and Water”. The design brief is focused on “Cosentino and Energy”. In both categories, students have complete freedom in conceptualizing their sustainable and innovative projects. The final project must include one or more products manufactured by Cosentino: Silestone natural quartz surface, Dekton ultracompact surface, and Sensa protected natural stone.

Each concept must boast technical qualities, with a creative emphasis placed on the theme set for each category. The jury will take into consideration the following criteria:

  • Conceptual and technical quality of the project
  • Analytical study, thought process and research of the subject
  • Research on the spatial experience of the surroundings
  • Creativity of the design
  • Innovativeness of the design
  • Environmental respect of the design
  • Adaptation of the project idea to the expressive capacity of Cosentino brand materials and products
  • New ideas for materials, finishes, applications, etc.
  • Feasibility for the development and construction of the projects presented
  • Adaptation of the chosen medium for the presentation with regards to graphics, expressiveness and the kind of idea presented
  • Presentational quality of the design

Throughout the competition, students are encouraged to visit Cosentino Showrooms to discover the company’s wide range of products.

For each category, the following prizes will be awarded: one first prize, one second prize, one third prize, and special mentions. First three winners will be awarded the equivalent of €1,000 each in the currency of the country where a student is awarded. Winners will also receive special mentions and global recognition.

The competition encourages student research on different conceptual approaches. This includes the layout of spaces, materials and the constructive systems that define them, via experimentation with Cosentino products.

The project submission period closes on June 1, 2019. The judging panel will announce the winning projects and their designers in late June. All projects must be submitted in digital format via the competition website. http://cosentinodesignchallenge.org.

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