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Tile of Spain Announces Award Winners

Posted on 27 December 2016 by cradmin

Tile of Spain announced the winners of the 15th Annual Tile of Spain Awards of Architecture and Interior Design. The jury for the Tile of Spain Awards, chaired by architect Gonçalo Byrne, met in Castellón Spain to select the winners.

The Tile of Spain Awards includes two main categories, Architecture and Interior Design, offering cash prizes of 17,000 Euros each. The Final Degree Project category for graduating students of architecture awards winners with 5,000 Euros each.


First prize in the Architecture category

First prize in the Architecture category went to a two home project in Oropesa (Toledo, Spain). The panel of judges highlighted the outstanding precision of an architectural intervention within a complex historical context and a use of ceramic tiles that was fully fit for purpose. The use of ceramic tiles was not limited to a mere covering or finish, but instead as a material capable of enveloping the project and adding a unique appearance.


First prize in the Interior Design category

In the Interior Design category, the judges awarded first place to a restaurant on the ground floor of the Tabakalera Culture Centre in San Sebastian, Spain. The judges referred in particular to the balanced dialogue created between the materials that showcased the use of ceramic tiles in a contemporary space which includes a coffee shop, pizza restaurant and wine bar. The space is situated on the ground floor of Tabakalera, San Sebastian’s new International Centre for Contemporary Culture. The floor and bars are covered with 10x10cm ceramic tiles in the style of rugs resting on the partition elements that stand between employees and customers.

The Tile of Spain Awards also includes a category for the best Final Degree Project undertaken by architecture students where ceramic tiles play a central role. The panel of judges awarded first prize to ‘In-Situ: Tools and Technology in Traditional Architecture’ by M Wesam Al Asali. Taking into consideration the nature of the award, the judges unanimously highlighted the project’s strategy, which employs a single ceramic material to create a construction system in keeping with its function and location. The project addresses a current issue in an effective manner, generating added value to the landscape.

Honorable mentions were also awarded to select projects.

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Winners of 14th Annual Tile of Spain Awards Announced

Posted on 22 February 2016 by cradmin

tosThe 14th Annual Tile of Spain Awards, organized by the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers Association (ASCER),  recently chose winners that display the best architectural and interior design skills. In the architecture category, the judges awarded the first prize to the multi-purpose pavilion project entitled “Pabellón Docente Polivalente Escola Gavina” by Carmen Martínez Gregori, Carmel Gradolo Martinez and Arturo Sanz Martínez. In the interior design category, the first prize was awarded to a project titled “Blue Wave Cocktail Bar” by Equipo Creativo.

The Tile of Spain Awards also includes a category that acknowledges the best Graduate Project presented by students of schools of architecture that highlight the use of ceramic tile in their projects. The first prize was awarded to the project titled “Transient Refurbishment” by Laura Alonso Blasco of the ETSA School of Architecture in Madrid.

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