Business Sense – Never Stop Improving

Tips for Continuous Improvement in Lean Manufacturing for Countertop Fabricators

By Katherine Gifford of Moraware

It might be the fifth and final principle, but when it comes to lean manufacturing, they do actually save the best and most important for last.

Continuous improvement is the fifth principle of lean manufacturing, and it basically states that you should always—and we mean always—try to find better ways to do things. Even if you think you have the absolute best method of fabricating countertops in the entire world, there’s still going to be inefficiency in your system. Keep looking for it and get rid of it. Then, look for it some more.

If you want to cut waste from your countertop fabrication processes, here are a few tips to implement continuous improvement in your lean manufacturing processes!

Understand the Principles and Wastes of Lean Manufacturing

The first step to seeking improvement is to know what to look for. Think of waste as that M&M you dropped under the fridge. If you weren’t the one to drop it, you’d never know it was there, and you’d probably never pull the fridge out to get it until it was a melted piece of chocolate seeping into your floor.