Oneida Air Introduces Dust Deputy 2.5

The new Dust Deputy 2.5 from Oneida Air boasts improved high airflow and the company’s patented cyclone design that stops over 99 percent of fine dusts and bulk debris from clogging the vacuum’s filter.

According to the company the Dust Deputy 2.5 has up to two times the airflow of smaller cyclones and lid-style separators, eliminating suction loss while saving time and money on replacement parts. It includes the same base template as the original, making it easy to upgrade. The Dust Deputy 2.5 is best used for larger vacuums with 2.5-in. hose fittings.

The original Dust Deputy is best for smaller vacuums with 1.5 – 2-in. hose fittings. The neutral-vane technology improves separation efficiency by 20 percent. It is available in multiple configurations to accommodate specific needs.

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