Antolini Introduces AZEROCAREPLUS

Throughout history, bright, shiny marble has granted splendor and magnificence to facings and surfaces, transmitting a spirit of sparkling luxury.

Recently, a new scenario of décor is emerging, namely a matte finish that explores a more refined idea of elegance in its purest form. This trend in contemporary interiors towards a more natural look achieves a heightened balance of sensory perceptions. The matt finishes of natural stones are the new terms of a language that is increasingly widespread in today’s décor choices for kitchen worktops and islands, as well as other horizontal or vertical surfaces.

Antolini has been perfecting more tactile finishes like Matt and Lether for all the stones in the collection. These surfaces enhance the material, revealing its fine, intricate grain while generating a unique, silky tactile sensation.

As an expression of Antolini’s constant research to develop technological solutions capable of influencing tastes, orienting and identifying trends, the company has created AZEROCAREPLUS.

AZEROCAREPLUS is an Antolini innovation that has been studied, researched and developed to protect the beauty and boost the performance of marble counters in Lether and Matt finishes in the spaces of the home most threatened by the effects of various substances.

AZEROCAREPLUS represents a (R)evolution: the evolution, incorporation and development of the already revolutionary Azerocare process launched on the market by Antolini in 2016.

According to the company, AZEROCAREPLUS is a high-tech process, which provides marble, onyx and soft quartzite with protection against the stains and corrosion caused by contact with acidic substances. AZEROCAREPLUS safeguards the beauty of these masterpieces of nature, offering lasting protection without altering the natural colors and characteristics of stone.

Anticorrosive, stain proof permanent, hygienic, ecological, ideal for contact with foods, easy to clean and subjected to 24-hour testing: these factors are all in the DNA of the technology of AZEROCAREPLUS, perfected by Antolini to make marble, onyx and soft quartzite – in the Lether and Matt finishes – become even more versatile materials, ready to meet the requirements of even the most creative and demanding designers and consumers.

Caring for surfaces through the creation of highly innovative processes, the Verona-based brand offers infinite aesthetic allure and serenity of everyday use to those who choose products from its exclusive range of natural stones.

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