Braxton-Bragg Expands Viper Brand Line of Products

The newest addition to the Braxton-Bragg Viper Brand is the Venom premium line of blades and core bits, created with new technology specifically to cut and core quartzite, and dense granite. This addition makes the Viper line a complete offering for fabricating all hard surfaces.

Venom blades are specifically designed to cut smoother and faster through more dense and unique surfaces.

“We conducted a test at BACA to see how well our new Venom technology performs, and our Venom blades cut 3cm granite at 215 inches per minute,” said Matt Maples, Braxton-Bragg product manager. “I would put that speed up against industry standards any day.”

Viper blades and core bits, and Venom blades, are now color-coded to specify the material for which they are designed. Black is for granite, white is for quartzite, red cuts Ultra Compact Surfaces,  yellow denotes porcelain and silver is for marble.  

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