Task Lighting Enhances sempriaLED Strip Lights

Dots effect
Clean bar of light from sempriaLED

Task Lighting has enhanced the features of its sempriaLED Assembled Strip Lights to eliminate the “dot-dot-dot effect” found in many other LED strip light brands. The updated sempriaLED lights feature more diodes that together create a smoother, even bar of light to virtually eliminate the appearance of dots on countertop surfaces below the cabinet lights.

The sempriaLED line of assembled strip lights balances luxury and simplicity, with clean lines and forms combining with advanced, high-tech functionality and top-quality components. According to the company, the lights are easy to connect and install, as the fixtures come pre-assembled. Like other products under the Task Lighting brand, sempriaLED offers a Color Rendering Index above industry averages, easily achieving 90+ CRI on every fixture.

All sempriaLED fixtures are UL listed, assembled in the USA, and carry a five-year warranty. The lights are rated for 50,000 hours.

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