Business Sense: Partner Highlight: Job Well Done

By Katherine Gifford of Moraware

Our number one priority at Moraware is to help fabricators. Its why we created estimating and scheduling software!

But we also understand that each fabrication shop is different in many ways and requires a variety of solutions in order to get more out of Moraware. This is why we partner with some amazing companies that also care about countertop fabricators.

Meet Job Well Done

Based in Minnesota, these three childhood friends found a need in the countertop industry for better communication and improved workflows. Job Well Done is the result of a great understanding of the countertop installation process.

They’ve used their first-hand installer experience to create an app that would solve problems specific to the stone industry. Mostly, communication problems that hold up jobs, like real time updates and issue resolution. Job Well Done helps you connect your office to your field for faster results.

Access from anywhere

We optimized Systemize for better use in the field, so we can definitely appreciate how the Job Well Done app helps our customers and others access job info from anywhere on a mobile device.

Imagine being able to communicate issues and solve them right away. Would make your customers pretty happy, I bet. Job Well Done facilitates communication between your office and field by taking all the information inputted into Moraware from the office and notifies the installers in real time.

For management & field service

Management can use Job Well Done to see real-time updates on a job, be proactive about any installation issues, and relay whatever information from Systemize that they want the installer to see.

Field service can use Job Well Done to view relevant customer information, take before and after photos, and capture customer’s sign-off signatures.

Improve accountability with before & after pictures and capturing signatures

Don’t want to be held accountable for damages the customer believes you did during installation?Prevent these awkward situations by documenting before and after photos of the site.

Take the photos with Job Well Done and save them directly to your Systemize. Want to know more about taking before and after photos? Here’s a quick guide we made last year!

You can also capture customer’s signatures onsite and have a digital record of the job’s sign off in your Systemize documents as well.

Learn more about Job Well Done

These are just a few of the helpful features that Job Well Done is capable of with Systemize or standalone! For more info, check out their website.