Tenax Introduces Quartz Extraclean Pro

Quartz Extraclean Pro from Tenax is a new solvent-based cleaner for hard surfaces. Extraclean Pro penetrates the pores of the material to remove grease that can make its way into the quartz.

Slab handling equipment makes moving quartz and engineered stone slabs easier. However, these machines can leave their mark on the slab and these rings can be difficult to remove without a product designed specifically for the purpose of eliminating machining discolorations. Extraclean Pro suction cup and vacuum ring remover is made to get into the pores of the slab and remove unwanted greasy circles that are left by the machines.

To use, just pour the product directly on a clean cloth and rub the remover onto the slab in the location of the ring. For stronger marks it may be necessary to apply Extraclean Pro vacuum ring remover directly to the slab. If applying directly to the slab, distribute the Extraclean Pro evenly with a clean cloth and leave it for 1-2 minutes. Then, rub with the same cloth in a circular motion until the marks are removed.

Tenax Quartz Extraclean Pro can also be used to clean scuff marks, permanent marker and difficult stains. It is available in 250 ml and 1 quart sizes.

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