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REHAU Adds Integrated Handles to Modern Custom Cabinet Door Line

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REHAU Adds Integrated Handles to Modern Custom Cabinet Door Line

Posted on 09 January 2019 by cradmin

Integrated Handle – Hidden Recessed 2 mm

REHAU modern custom cabinet doors, available in more than 100 high-gloss, matte, glass, metallic and natural designs, are now offered with REHAU integrated handles. The seamless cabinet doors are finished with matching REHAU LaserEdge technology and can be fabricated with invisible integrated handles.

“We produce seamless custom doors in quantities as small as one door, allowing any millwork shop to offer premium European-style frameless cabinets without costly upgrades to their edgebanding equipment,” said Jesse Collins, marketing manager with REHAU’s furniture solutions division. “Along with our high-quality materials and panel lamination process, our seamless edging and new invisible handle option really set REHAU cabinet doors apart in terms of elegance and craftsmanship.”

Two streamlined handle profiles – hidden recessed 2 mm and J-channel 32 mm – are available in four matte anodized aluminum colors: Silver, Champagne, Anthracite and Black. The handles complement the company’s range of modern doors in slab, 5-piece shaker and 3-piece sienna styles. All doors are produced to order and shipped in days.

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REHAU Launches Fully Fabricated Modern Custom Cabinet Doors

Posted on 10 November 2016 by cradmin

Rehau fenix-ntm

FENIX NTM® can be made into cabinet doors or counter surfaces

REHAU announced the launch of a new line of fully fabricated custom cabinet doors for modern kitchens and baths. This product line gives customers the option to choose between high-gloss, polymer glass, matte and natural textured woodgrain surfaces in more than 50 finishes and timeless colors. By offering fully fabricated doors, REHAU is making it easier for cabinet makers, regardless of their volume, to take advantage of the growing demand for modern components.

The new cabinet line features slab-front doors in an expanding range of surfaces that offer a manufacturing-friendly alternative to high-end lacquered and glass finishes. Headlining the cabinet door range are three collections – RAUVISIO brilliant mirror high-gloss, RAUVISIO crystal polymer back-painted glass and FENIX NTM® nanotech matt surfaces. New this fall is the RAUVISIO terra textured woodgrain surface and several more high-gloss and matte options.

“We’re beginning to see a trend away from face frame cabinets to frameless slab doors, which look amazing with contemporary materials in modern interiors,” said Jesse Collins, senior marketing specialist with REHAU’s furniture solutions division. “High-gloss, glass and matte surfaces also work well when mixed with materials such as wood and brick to create an industrial or loft-style design.”

The cabinet doors are all banded with REHAU LaserEdge for a seamless, modern look. This allows cabinet makers large and small to offer the high quality and durability of REHAU surface materials without the need for costly upgrades and investment in specialized machinery. According to the company, use of REHAU LaserEdge banding allows for perfect color matching and will ensure that the quality of the cabinets will not decrease over time.

“REHAU offers a complete modern cabinet door solution, with control over the entire process to ensure high-quality at every stage,” said Dr. Thomas Troeger, vice president of REHAU’s furniture solutions division. “We produce seamless doors and ship within a week in quantities as small as one door, making modern accessible to any woodworking shop and extremely easy for designers to spec for any size project.”

In addition to finished doors, most of the modern surfaces are also available as pressed boards and matching REHAU LaserEdge for customers who are equipped to finish their own boards.

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