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Five Valuable Advertising Tips

Posted on 24 December 2012 by CRadmin2

Advertising is one of the most important aspects of a successful business. And if you are selling countertops directly to the public, you should consider how you are going to reach them. Of course, the advertising must be backed up with a quality product and friendly, reliable service, but if no one knows who you are or what you have to offer, then the rest does not matter very much. Advertising is a good way to make potential customers aware of you, and it can be used to alert your current customers about new services, new products or special deals.

It is not enough to just advertise. You must make sure to implement effective advertising strategies to get the most bang for your buck. Following are five tips for a successful advertising campaign:

  1. Understand Your Customers – Effective advertising relies on your ability to understand who your customers are and the niche you serve. Generic ad campaigns directed to the general public are often expensive and may not generate enough sales to make them worth the expense. When you know your customers, you can design ads around their tastes and drop the ads directly into their laps. If your customers are kitchen & bath retailers, obviously it wouldn’t do much good to have television or newspaper ads. Or if you are trying to reach any homeowner in a two-state area, direct mail might be a very costly premise when you could take out an ad in a newspaper or on a radio station.
  2. Establish Your Image – It is important to develop an image and present a style that resonates with your customers. Many businesses are instantly recognizable by their logo and the image they have created. You want to be one of these businesses. Other than your logo, simple details such as a font, a slogan or even a mascot can all help shape your company’s image.
  3. Don’t Be Stingy – Advertising costs money, and you should not be afraid to spend it to get expertly crafted ads into the hands of your most likely future clients. Businesses that skimp on their advertising budgets often do not realize why they are not bringing in any new customers. Likewise, don’t just spend money for the sake of spending it. You should also make sure you are utilizing less expensive means of reaching new customers, such as encouraging referrals and word-of-mouth business. Although word of mouth is a great marketing tool, it cannot be relied upon as a sole source of new business, especially if you need to increase your revenue quickly. Mass media and email marketing may be able to get the job done with a price tag that is justifiable by the returns it produces.
  4. Be Aware of the Competition – Your competitors are stealing your customers. If you do not get the word out more than them, provide superior service than them and fabricate better products than them, they are going to prosper while your business crumbles. Once you understand the competition, you can analyze which markets and which angles are under-marketed. Your competition can also provide you with good ideas for advertising that you can improve upon. Of course, outright copying may not get you any points, but don’t discard a good idea just because someone else also uses it. Just make it your own.
  5. Make Full Use of Available Resources – The burden of creating advertising materials and sending them out to the right groups of people is not one you must bear alone. No matter whether you are using traditional media, email marketing or online banner ads, experts are ready to work with you to develop catchy and informational content. Be prudent, but don’t put together a poor marketing campaign just because you can save a few bucks. In the long run, you will get poor results and the money you did spend will be money wasted.

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