Aardwolf Introduces Slab Rack

Aardwolf has introduced its solution to slab storage problems. The company’s high-quality slab rack is designed to make storing slabs easier and safer. The Aardwolf Slab Rack is comprised of a pair of galvanized steel rails that are three meters long, along with galvanized square steel tube posts. The square … Read more

Aardwolf Offers Double Forklift Boom

The Aardwolf Double Forklift Boom is a telescoping two-section rectangular tube steel boom designed for removing bundles of marble and granite slabs from closed top containers. Thanks to its design, without any impediments between the fork booms, the operator can insert the full length of the booms into the container … Read more

Groves Incorporated Introduces Buggy Buddy

Groves Incorporated has introduced the Buggy Buddy. This heavy duty buggy is designed to safely move material around the shop or warehouse. The pneumatic tires are ideal for use on smooth or rough surfaces, indoors or out. The buggy includes five inch swivel casters with locking brakes and a removable … Read more