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Crystaline Stone: A Brilliant Development?

Posted on 03 October 2013 by CRadmin2

While natural stone is available in a range of patterns and colors, many of which are astonishing to those new in the field, some say it cannot match the colors found in precious gems or even the human imagination. Many attempts have been made to artificially color natural stone, but it is largely believed that these solutions have either employed temporary dyes or have compromised the quality and durability of the stone. Recently, a new process developed by Crystaline Stone seems to have solved the problem of adding more brilliant colors to natural stone, and it is becoming an increasingly popular topic among fabricators in North America.

Crystaline Stone, which is both the name of the product and the company, is marketed under the tagline “Nature Evolved,” and every test to date seems to indicate that this label is indeed appropriate. The exclusive technology not only imbues granite, marble and other natural stone with spectacular colors that are uncommon in surfacing material but according to the company also makes them more resistant to staining and easier to clean than standard stone. Just like its natural stone counterparts, Crystaline Stone is versatile and appropriate for use in a range of applications, including flooring, bathroom surfaces, wall covering and kitchen countertops.

The Intercrystaline Process

The development of Crystaline Stone began more than 10 years ago when the company, a division of Royal Group Brazil, realized that it was theoretically possible to permanently change the color and properties of rock crystals through a form of molecular fusion. After years of experimentation, a successful process, dubbed “Intercrystaline,” was invented that affected the space between the rock crystals and subsequently fused with the crystals embedded deep into the stone.

Intercrystaline uses a special formulation of vegetable and mineral pigments that preserve the characteristics of the stone and its crystals so that it can be processed and fabricated through conventional methods. By varying the pigments and how they are infused, a full range of exclusive colors can be produced that work with the natural veining and texture of the stone. The new colors and patterns are imbued into the stone at depths of 2 cm. to 3 cm. with only slight changes in its durability and hardness. Full test results from the Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia (INT) and the Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnologicas (IPT) are available as a public reference.

Care and Maintenance of Crystaline Stone

The care and maintenance of Crystaline Stone is easier and faster than that of natural stone for the end consumer, reports the company. The technology of the process produces an exceptional seal that makes the surface resistant to liquids and staining. For daily cleaning, the same conventional products can be used for granite or marble, depending on which type of material is used as the base. In addition, the manufacturer states that the color produced through the Intercrystaline process will never fade because the pigments are irrevocably fused to the stone on a molecular level.

Although Crystaline Stone is easy to clean, it can still be scratched and etched. Thus, abrasive or corrosive cleaners, such as bleaches, detergents and scouring powder, are not recommended. Neutral, light-strength, soaps will preserve the material’s polish for the longest time. If in doubt, consumers are advised to follow the same care instructions that are used for the base stone.

Crystaline Stone Products and Patterns

Currently, six products are available in the Crystaline Stone line: Marble, Onyx, Gems, Arts, Planet and the White Collection.


Marble is manufactured in slabs, 24- by 24-in. tiles and 12- by 24-in. tiles. The colors for Crystaline Stone Marble fall into one of several categories, such as translucent soft, vivid, natural and artistic.


Crystaline Stone Onyx is notable for its increased translucency that pairs particularly well with backlighting to create sophisticated and elegant designs in any room. The most popular colors are blue, green, yellow, pink and black, all of which are available in either standard or soft tint.


Crystaline Stone Gems are manufactured under high pressure and temperature to give them the appearance of polished, cut gemstones. Popular choices include amethyst, emerald, aquamarine, ruby, sapphire and tourmaline.


The Crystaline Stone Arts products use either marble or onyx as a base for the infusion of exotic colors and patterns. Each slab is unique.


Crystaline Stone Planet products use a base of quartzite to create unique patterns that show movement reminiscent of planets viewed from space.

White Collection

The Crystaline Stone White Collection begins with a slab of white marble. The Intercrystaline process then makes the natural color and veining more compact and translucent.


For further information and to locate dealers in the U.S., visit the official website of Crystaline Stone: Nature Evolved.

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