NTCA Offers Member Benefit Program

Several months ago, the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA) rolled out two new services for members–a payroll provider service (Netchex) and a 401K program through TransAmerica, a leading financial institution and nationally recognized retirement plan service provider.

Now, NTCA is also offering members a new program to explore health care plan options for individuals, families or larger groups. The program also offers supplemental insurance packages to support basic health care services, to supplement current deductibles and co-insurance costs.

In addition to health care options and supplemental care, this program offers access to extensive dental insurance plans and vision options for employers, employees, and family members. There are great savings for life insurance plans also offered to NTCA members for their consideration.

The program is only available to NTCA members who can access the program through a dedicated website using their username and password. As a NTCA member, employees are allowed access to this pricing as well. There are three options available when it comes to offering these benefits to employees and their family members.

  1. You can apply for group rates or purchase plans for employees if you wish to offer these benefits as part of their compensation package.
  2. You can provide employees with financial support to offset their costs in purchasing these plans
  3. You can create good will by introducing all of these discount options to your employees and giving them access to purchase their own insurance and plans because they are your employee.

These discounts can also be offered to subcontractors who do work for you as an incentive for them to stay with your company as a first option. You would have to provide them access to the site by allowing them to use your user name and password.

NTCA has already announced this program through a webinar, and will be airing additional informational sessions over the next several months.

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