LX Hausys Expands Volcanics Collection

HIMACS’ Solid Surface Volcanics Collection is a versatile choice for both commercial and residential applications. The newest addition, Silver Gravel, rounds out the Volcanics Collection embodying the look of precious natural stone with a dash of mysticism and translucency. Silver Gravel features varying hues, sizes and shapes of particles that are randomly scattered across a soft ashen base.

With a touch of shine and full of depth, Silver Gravel complements other materials and offers durability similar to that of natural stone. According to the company HIMACS is engineered to withstand everyday wear and tear, and offers a high resistance to stains and chemicals. HIMACS is a non-porous solid surface, ideal for applications where hygiene is essential. It’s easy-to-clean surface does not require sealing or special products for maintenance and is repairable. HIMACS can be restored to its original state by a certified professional. It contains no visible crevices or surface irregularities, thus preventing harmful bacteria or mold from penetrating into the surface.

All HIMACS colors are available in 30- by 145-in. with ½-in. thickness.

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