IceStone Releases New Color: Arctic Green 

IceStone, a sustainable countertop surface, has launched its newest color, Arctic Green. Arctic Green consists of two different shades of green glass and clear glass (100 percent recycled) in a white background. With spring upon us and green being the hot color of 2022, the new release is fitting.

The development of Arctic Green actually started during a project for the Heineken bar in the new UBS Arena where the New York Islanders hockey team plays. Corso Marketing Group, the marketing team in charge of the Heineken bar, reached out to IceStone to create a special color for the bar countertop and tables. “Although, actual Heineken glass wasn’t used, we found the closest Heineken green colored glass we could find and the finished product was so well received, that we decided to add the color to our regular collection and name it Arctic Green,” said IceStone’s President, Lisa Bowen.

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