Aristech Surfaces Introduces Avonite Flex

Aristech Surfaces LLC introduced a new and patent-pending solid surface material to its Wellness portfolio, Avonite® Flex. 

Avonite Flex offers a matte finish and the brand’s famous soft feel and signature texture. Like all Avonite materials, Avonite Flex can be milled, machined, etched and even stamped. Group Marketing Director Jana Bartlett explained that “The idea was to create a product that responds to the major demand for cocooning and high-end finishes; customers want their home décor to be inspiring and relaxing. With Avonite Flex, we’ve successfully combined the comfort and sophisticated look of Avonite for a range of applications that were not accessible prior.”

 Avonite Flex is resistant to staining and chemical cleaners. It is also non-porous and its bacteriostatic surface limits the growth of micro-organisms, making it a perfectly hygienic material.

Supplied in sheets or rolls, the sheeting is 3 mm thick and is available in widths of up to 108 in./2740 mm and 2 colors: Alabaster Wave and Pure Alabaster. According to the company the material boasts outstanding thermoformability, allowing it to be vacuum formed over the sharpest angles and the most hard-to-reach recesses.  Avonite Flex is lightweight, making it easy to handle in the workshop, in transport and during installation.

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