Federal Brace Introduces Copper Island Countertop

Federal Brace has announced the addition of COPPER to its Working Metal Surfaces line. Customers can now quickly achieve the high-end chef’s kitchen look with this beautiful, sleek and outstanding quality prep surface in the standard island size of 50- by 26- by 1.5-in. The Copper Island Countertops are designed in a standard size or can be ordered in custom sizes to match your kitchen requirements.

Once primarily found only in restaurants and commercial kitchens, Copper is rapidly gaining popularity in residential applications for homeowners who desire similar (albeit on a smaller-scale) full health benefits.

The available finishes on Federal Brace’s Copper Countertops include brushed, matte, or mill, and the counter is uncoated to allow for the full health benefit of the copper material. The Copper Kitchen Countertop will require regular cleaning to prevent patina over time.

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