FAST Remodeler Live Wins Jesse H. Neal Award Recognizing Outstanding Business Content

FAST Remodeler Live, a software event for remodelers and home improvement professionals who are ‘focused on agile systems and technology’, recently received one of the most prestigious awards in business-to-business media.

Qualified Remodeler magazine and SOLA Group Inc. accepted the honor at the 69th annual Jesse H. Neal Awards ceremony held April 21 in New York City. The award recognized the company’s outstanding business content by creating and launching the event one year ago.

The second annual FAST Remodeler Live conference kicks off May 16 at the Hilton Baltimore Inner Harbor.

“Neal Awards are Pulitzer Prizes for business-to-business media,” said Patrick O’Toole, co-owner of SOLA Group Inc. “That’s why we’re so honored to be recognized for this conference. The award reflects our success in delivering quality content regardless of how it is presented—online, in print or face-to-face at a conference like FAST Remodeler Live.”

FAST was launched to address two longstanding problems in the industry. First is a chronic shortage of skilled labor and today’s software holds the potential to make them more productive. FAST helps remodelers and home pros better utilize today’s tech to be more efficient and profitable with existing staff. Second is the industry’s reputation for uneven client communication and high levels of client dissatisfaction. New software interfaces offer transparency and real-time information sharing for improved UX.

“This initiative is not only bold and effective but also adds significant value to journalism enterprises,” the Neal Award judges said. “From a live event to insightful newsletter content and a curated list of paid exhibitors, the system is truly comprehensive and poised for renewal year after year.”

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