Business Sense: What percentage of your business goes to reworks?

By Katherine Gifford of Moraware

You can talk about reworks and how to reduce them until you’re red in the face. And that’s actually great because we all know they are a major problem. But, in order to reduce your reworks, you first need to understand the what, who, and how that is unique to your shop. What does that mean, though?

Basically it means you need to understand what type of reworks are affecting you the most, who is responsible, and how they are occurring. This information will reveal trends that you can address to lower your rework percentage.

Read on to learn about understanding and reducing your reworks!

What’s a “reasonable” rework percentage?

First things first, it’s time for the question on everyone’s mind: What’s a reasonable expectation for reworks?

Of course, the ideal percentage for reworks is a big beautiful zero. Nobody wants to mess up ever. But unfortunately, that’s simply not possible. We’re human, after all! And mistakes are going to happen.

According to our research, countertop fabricators should aim for 3% or less of sales in reworks.