Alpha Introduces New Wet/Dry Stone Cutter

Alpha Professional Tools has introduced a new electric wet/dry stone cutter, the ESC-150. The cutter comes equipped with a powerful motor capable of cutting 1-1/4-in. stone slabs in one pass. In addition, the ESC-150 offers portability so that any stone fabricator can use it without the time-consuming setup.

The ESC-150 is also great for sink-hole cutting and groove-cutting for rodding applications. It includes a kink-free water hose for improved maneuverability of the stone cutter. The flexibility of the hose helps reduce operator fatigue and improves the operation. The Alpha ESC-150 is also dustless when connected to a HEPA vacuum, thanks to a built-in dust gate.

According to the company the ESC-150 can utilize a variety of consumables including the Alpha Katana 6-in. for porcelain panels and slabs, Hot-Rod 4-in. for 1/4-in. steel rods and 1/8-in. fiber glass rods. For marble applications, a Libero 5-in. blade is recommended since most marble slabs are 3/4-in. thick or less.

Alpha offers a carriage assembly that fits on the Alpha Guide Rail System to support the application of making precise miter cuts. Alpha has also created two new kits for use with the ESC-150. The first is a Miter Cutting Kit which allows fabricators to make mitered cuts for a waterfall edge. This kit comes with dual carriages, blades and a set of guide rails to fit any size job. The second kit is a simple cutting system to trim countertops quickly. It comes with a carriage assembly, as well as a blade and guide rail to provide accuracy.

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