Ghines Group Introduces Sysmatic Evo Auto

Ghines Group has introduced its new, small footprint CNC sink cutting machine, the Sysmatic Evo Auto. The machine aims to expedite the lengthy sink cutting process by programming with macros.

According to the company the Sysmatic Evo Auto can drill, cut out in one step, profile bevel on top and bottom and give a polished finish to 20mm Dekton in 18 minutes and 20mm granite in 30 minutes. Additionally, it can cut-out by finger bit, shape and polish edges, finish undermount sink cut outs, drill faucet holes, recess and polish inclined drainer boards, grooves and hones drainer grooves, engraves bas-reliefs and writes letters. The space-saving, open frame means no limits on the length of the slabs being processed.

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