Alpha Introduces New Air Tools

Alpha Professional Tools has introduced new pneumatic tools to its product offerings.

The Alpha® PSC-600 is a newly developed high-performance wet pneumatic stone cutter. The PSC-600 comes with a very unique center water-feed system to deliver ample water on the both sides of the diamond blade, which will keep the dust down on the floor and also enhance the performance and life of the diamond blade. In addition, the end case is made with a composite material to prevent freezing by the rear exhaust system.

The Alpha PSC-600 is smaller and lighter than electric angle grinders and offers better maneuverability along with all the safety features. This turn-key operation stone cutter comes with 15 ft. all–weather hoses and a convenient water quick coupler with shut off valve. An option to use as a grinding or sanding tool with a 7/8-in. arbor is also provided. For grinding applications, a second inner flange is included as a standard accessory.

In addition Alpha has introduced the AIR-830 and AIR-850 Pneumatic Polishers. Now Alpha offers two models with different maximum RPM to cover all fabricators who want to create the best polish and/or want to improve their productivities and efficiencies. Both polishers are equipped with a newly developed motor with a 5 Hybrid composite vane design that outputs more power and lasts longer than their predecessor.

The polishers come with new splash guard which blocks the splash while providing better visibility. The end case was also re-designed to improve the water and air control operation and minimize the risk of breakage. A silicon boot for the gear head, and water quick coupler with shut off valve have also been added.

The Alpha polishers always come with an enhanced spindle shaft and full size wrenches for easy tool removal. The all-weather air and water hoses are 15 ft. and rated for -40°F or +140°F. The AIR-830 has a maximum no-load RPM of 4,400 and the AIR-850 has 5,500.

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