Xiasil Launches New Stone & Stainless Steel Sealer

Xiasil Incorporated launched a new product that is changing the way people seal and polish natural stone surfaces and stainless steel. The product, SimpleCoat, is made of a proprietary formula free of chemical solvents, water, petroleum distillates, BPA, parabens, phthalates, VOCs, fragrance, or dyes. It is 100 percent non-toxic and food safe. According to the company, it is easy to use and requires no curing time or special tools or techniques to apply.

“As an engineer, I’m always trying to figure out better solutions to both simple and complex problems that people face every day,” says Scott Hinton, chemical engineer and creator of SimpleCoat. “After being unhappy with traditional stone sealing and stainless steel polishing products on the market, I sought to find a better way to seal and protect the surfaces in my home.”

Because of the porous nature of stone, surface sealers are crucial for protecting natural stone materials. Unprotected stone surfaces collect dirt and grime in cracks and pores, which can harbor bacteria that can lead to irreversible staining, odor or damage.

For metal surfaces such as stainless steel, SimpleCoat reduces streaking, helps to prevent fingerprints, aids in reducing corrosion, and improves the overall shine and look of the surface. SimpleCoat’s coverage rate amounts to eight fluid ounces covering 3,000 sq. ft. of natural stone and up to 7,000 sq. ft. of stainless steel.

The development of SimpleCoat included extensive market research in the forms of a national market survey on the visual identity of the product, as well as product and user experience focus groups. The information gathered from this research helped to influence decisions about the product’s name, visual identity and marketing of SimpleCoat.

SimpleCoat is being sold exclusively on Amazon and is available for purchase now.

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