Wilsonart Launches New Quartz Designs

The latest designs from Wilsonart® Quartz have arrived with design possibilities that will capture your imagination. Every style is engineered to unleash remarkable performance in your space. Encounter a natural matte finish, updated soapstone and marble looks, and new selections added to the Select and Calacatta Collections.

The biophilic movement — a current trend that strives to connect interior design elements with the natural world — takes center stage for many of the new styles. From snow resting on frigid branches to ethereal clouds on the sea horizon, the new collection from Wilsonart® Quartz reflects exquisite scenes of nature like never before.

Calacatta Olympos is inspired by Calacatta marble, but feels distinct with its refined movement. Nova Serrana capitalizes on a vivid interpretation of organic soapstone. And Victoria Mist is subtly translucent, defying the traditional look of opaque white designs.

The design team at Wilsonart focused on two interior design trends to inform the new Quartz collection. First, “Nature-Inspired Maximalism.” A nature-inspired maximalist space relies on a foundation of classic, elemental beauty — but taken to the max. Designs like Calacatta Olympos, Kastoria, Terlingua, Sea Ice, and San Angelo are all boldly styled to encourage grounded luxury and high contrast with other interior elements.

“Statement Serenity” inspired the subdued stone designs in the collection. Nova Serrana, Terra Nova, Alvarado, and Victoria Mist all fit this description. Spaces that embrace Statement Serenity reflect understated luxury and modern warmth with organic tones that soothe. Sensory elements are also critical to provide the viewer with new ways to physically experience their environment.

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