Why Fabricators Should “Systemize the Predictable”

By Katherine Gifford of Moraware

Whenever someone mentions building out processes for your company, many managers get a look of terror in their eyes and run for cover, thinking about 500-page SOP manuals and nitpicking every single detail of their operation. But streamlining your shop doesn’t have to be so painful, or inefficient!

One of the best ideas about building processes comes from Gino Wickman, the creator of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). It’s amazing, so prepare yourself! Ready?

“Systemize the predictable, so you can humanize the exceptional.”

Let that sink in. Yes, there will be some “nitpicking” to create standard operating procedures but, according to Wickman, you don’t have to systemize everything — like that process-developing nightmare going on in your head right now.

Let’s break down the quote to really get to the genius behind it.

What the heck does that mean!?

The basic goal behind EOS is to optimize your company’s productivity. And one of the core components of EOS is process.

Countertop fabricators at every level know the importance of doing processes the same way every time. It maintains quality, ensures efficiency, and reduces reworks. The part that makes everyone want to doze off is building multi-page SOPs that nobody wants to read. Where does one even find the time?

When Wickman says, “Systemize the predictable, so you can humanize the exceptional,” he’s breaking your processes down into two parts: the predictable, and the unpredictable. In the same vein, let’s break down the quote into two pieces.