Weha Offers Carbon Fiber Rodding

The Weha Carbon Fiber rodding is the latest technology in fiberglass rodding for granite, natural stone, engineered stone and quartz countertop applications. Made with the highest concentration of fiberglass strands throughout the entire profile, Weha Carobon Fiber rodding is reportedly stronger than traditional white fiberglass rodding for stone. weha

Weha has added an additional top and bottom layer of high tensile strength carbon on both sides to increase the strength even more. The Weha Granite Carbon Fiberglass rodding comes in 100 meter-328 ft. rolls. The dimensions are as follows: 1/8 in. by 3/8 in. by 328 ft. or 1/8 in. by 1/4 in. by 328 ft. rolls.

The Carbon Fiber Rodding roll is 29 in. in diameter to fit all rodding stands.
With the Carbon Fiberglass rodding only being 3/8 in. high, it will work perfect for 3cm applications.

According to the company Weha Carbon Fiberglass rodding will never rust or create granite stains, it bonds to glue and it comes on a roll and can be cut at any length thereby eliminating granite rodding waste.

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