Weha Introduces New Line of Shop Carts

The New Weha Granite and Stone Drywall Fabrication Shop Carts are available in four different models. The Weha Stone Fabrication Cart is made like a drywall cart but built to be more heavy duty to work in the granite and stone environment. The Weha Granite Drywall Carts are great for storing remnants or moving cut pieces from the shop to the remnant rack and back.

The Weha Granite Fabrication Shop Carts have been redesigned to work with the large format slabs that are currently being fabricated. Now slabs that are 65-, 70-, and even 80-in. tall are being produced and the traditional carts are not made to handle this height, as they will tip over much easier as the load gets higher.

The Weha Shop Cart now has a wider wheel base with total width at 28-in. This additional width allows the full weight load of the taller slabs to stay between the wheels, drastically reducing the possibility of flipping over. For standard slabs it becomes the safest drywall cart/shop cart on the market.

The weight capacity for the welded fab shop cart remains at 2000 lb. capacity. Additionally, deck storage space has been extended from 12- to 14-in.

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