Tenax Offers Filiflex & Airflex Antique Brushes

For use in fabrication shops, Tenax Filiflex and Airflex Antique Brushes offer a finished texture that reproduces the factory brushed finish.

Filiflex four and five inch snail lock brushes (pictured) are made with many narrow bristles, removing material more aggressively and cutting deeper to create an antique look. Filiflex lock grits are available in 36, 46 and 60.

For a softer antique look, Airflex four and five inch snail lock brushes are available to create a texture that enhances the natural color of the stone. The Air?ex Snail Lock grits are available in 120, 220, 300, 400, 300Lux, 400Lux, 600Lux and 800Lux.

Tenax diamond brushes work with existing tools that are used everyday in fabrication shops to create antique finishes on slabs.

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