Stoneworks Training Group Launches EasySTONE Training Resources

Stoneworks Training Group announced the official launch of its training resources and services for EasySTONE and EasySTONE NC. “We started Stoneworks Training Group LLC because there is a need in the stone industry for good quality training and shared experiences,” states Jerry Kidd, General Manager of Stoneworks Training Group. “EasySTONE is powerful CAD / CAM software that is used by many of the best stone fabricators. The only thing missing is convenient access to the training and support that lets you take full advantage of EasySTONE’s capabilities.”

Stoneworks Training Group formed with the mission of providing that training in ways that are convenient for shop managers and equipment operators. Stoneworks Training Group offers a broad range of services to keep their clients running efficiently:

• Remote & on-site training
• Remote support
• Consulting
• E-Courses: University of EasySTONE

Stoneworks Training Group works in cooperation with DDX Group, the maker of EasySTONE, to provide a complete approach to education, support, and sales. As veteran CAD / CAM professionals, they understand the importance of matching the right software with the right knowledge.

EasySTONE is a full-featured solution for CNC machines. EasySTONE NC is a customizable machine interface for CNC sawing equipment. The two components of the EasySTONE platform integrate seamlessly to streamline the entire process.

Stoneworks Training Group helps companies transition to EasySTONE as a unified software platform for CNC programming and operation. Kidd states, “We translate our experience and knowledge into your success as a stone fabricator.”

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