Rockler Introduces Material Mate

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has introduced the Material Mate, a rolling metal frame for handling and using sheet goods. Material Mate can function in two modes: as a panel cart and a mobile, adjustable-height shop stand.

In panel cart mode, the metal frame features rack supports on one side capable of hauling 4-ft. by 8-ft. sheets of plywood, sheetrock and other panels to a capacity of 150 lbs. Material Mate can pass through a 30-in. wide doorway, making it easy to transport panels from a vehicle into the shop. To situate a panel for sawing and other work, the rack support is tilted up and locked, bringing the panel to a horizontal position.

To use Material Mate in shop stand mode, users can simply attach their own tabletop to the metal frame and lock it in the horizontal position. With the base rolling on 4-in. casters, two of which can be locked, the table can easily be wheeled to the desired location and then locked firmly in place. The frame then allows adjustment between 31- and 36- in. table heights. Even with a tabletop attached, the frame can be unlocked and tilted down into panel cart mode, since the carrier supports are wide enough to accommodate multiple sheets.

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