Princeton Chemical Upgrades Website To Offer ACH Payments for It’s Join.It Adhesives

Last week Princeton Chemical upgraded its website to include ACH payment options to make credit accounts even easier and more efficient. Clients who have applied and been approved for credit (which can also be done on the website), can now conveniently perform direct bank transfers to avoid the slow and cumbersome process of mailing in paper checks.

The website ( is the most advanced and streamlined system for ordering high quality surfacing adhesives available today. By buying factory direct from the company via it’s online portal, customers can save time and money, while having 250 colors that will all ship within one business day to anywhere in the lower 48 states.

“The addition of our ACH payment option is just another way we are continuing to make doing business with Princeton Chemical easier and faster,” said Kevin Cole, sales and marketing manager. “We have brought the adhesives industry into the 21st Century and will continue to offer more features and expanded product lines as we move forward. If you haven’t tried Join.It, then you are overlooking an excellent opportunity to improve your business.”