Porcelanosa Introduces Xtone

Porcelanosa has introduced XTONE, a large format porcelain slab manufactured with natural minerals. The new high performance material is made up of sintered porcelain with pure minerals that are compacted and created with the most advanced technological development.

XTONE avoids the proliferation of fungi, bacteria and dirt accumulation, does not absorb liquid or gases, therefore avoiding any unwanted odors. According to the company this porcelain is resistant to high and low temperatures, climatic changes and UV rays. Its capacity to absorb energy shocks stops it from being easily scratched, because of its 12mm thickness and its solid composition.

The XTONE collections combine the look of stone and the technical properties of ceramic. With 19 collections and ten different tones, this material is suitable for flooring, wall tiles, counters, tables or countertops. Its waterproofing and high resistance to weather makes it a useful solution for both exteriors and interiors. Its custom design presents a multitude of possibilities for surfaces, furniture and façades.

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