Polycor to Acquire ROCAMAT

The shareholders of the ROCAMAT Group, Messrs. Pierre Brousse, JeanLouis Marpillat, and Franck Rouyer, have agreed to offer the Polycor Group, also a minority shareholder, the opportunity to acquire the company. Polycor France Holding, a subsidiary of the Polycor Group, has announced that it has signed a preliminary offer to acquire 100 percent of the outstanding shares of ROCAMAT SA.

ROCAMAT is France’s leading producer of natural stone and a major international player in the production of building stone. The materials extracted from the company’s quarries and transformed in its factories — stone blocks and slabs, flooring and facades, marble work, cut and carved elements — are sold on the construction market. ROCAMAT owns close to 30 limestone quarries in France, operates four transformation plants, and employs nearly 160 people.

This acquisition proposal is part of Polycor France’s strategy to consolidate its position as a natural stone industry leader and strengthen its presence in Europe and on the international scene. In 2018, Polycor France partnered with ROCAMAT by becoming one of its minority shareholders and taking over operations at five quarries in Burgundy (the Chassagne, Massangis, and Rocherons sites), as well as taking over the quarrying rights at the Lens quarry located in the Gard region.

“This acquisition project is a natural step for Polycor’s growth,” stated Patrick Perus, CEO of Polycor. “Since its foundation in 1987, and by establishing a long-term vision, we have built alliances with companies that share our values. ROCAMAT’s heritage counts more than 170 years of expertise, in addition to a knowledge and mastery of natural stone that is unmatched in France. This industry flagship is the perfect ally for the future of sustainable construction materials. The acquisition of ROCAMAT would allow us to enrich our offering by proposing an even more comprehensive portfolio of products that meet unparalleled standards of quality.”

In accordance with the regulations currently in force, this acquisition project remains subject to the information consultation process of the representative bodies of ROCAMAT’s personnel which was summoned on February 27th, 2023. A detailed presentation with these representative bodies shall be discussed in detail on March 6th, 2023. The contemplated transaction is also subject to other suspensive conditions and in particular to the authorization of the Tribunal de Commerce de Bobigny.

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