Park Industries Introduces FASTBACK II Flat Edge Shaper and Polisher

park-industries-fastback-ii-_-nov-2016Park Industries introduced the FASTBACK II Edge Shaper and Polisher. The company states that the FASTBACK II will edge, polish and chamfer countertops and backsplash at a rate of up to 150 lineal feet per hour. This tool can manage material that is 1 – 6 cm thick, 16 in. to 12 ft. long, and 3 in. – 30+ in. wide, producing straight flat edges to 45 degree chamfer top and bottom edge corners up to 1/16 in.

The FASTBACK II’s exclusive Spindle Stagger feature allows an operator to adjust the point at which the tool engages and disengages with the leading and trailing ends of the material. This is said to ensure consistent and total polish end-to-end which is essential for tightly nested slab layouts.

The FASTBACK II includes new features such as intuitive touch-screen controls, optimized oscillation, exclusive Armor Shield protection, and metrics tracking capabilities.

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