Oneida Introduces BenchTop DC Personal Dust Collector

Oneida Air Systems introduced its newest innovation, a personal dust collector designed specifically for use on a workbench. The BenchTop DC™ Personal Dust Collector’s unique design allows it to fit conveniently on a workbench behind the tool, where it moves airborne dust away from the source (and the user’s breathing zone) and into the unit’s highly efficient dual-filter system.

This portable unit delivers powerful source collection for hand tools lacking built-in or adequately sized dust ports, and for any activity that puts users in close proximity to dust generation.

Features of the BenchTop DC™ Personal Dust Collector include:

  • Six fan motors provide 535 CFM to tools without adequate dust ports.
  • Functional hood design ensures optimal airflow.
  • Variable-speed control customizes fan speed for any application.
  • Dual-filter system significantly prolongs the lifespan of the internal MERV-15 filter.
  • Includes supplemental 110V outlet for powering hand tools and accessories.
  • Slim design offers portability and ensures an easy fit on any workbench.

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